WhatsApp Message Privately: Whatsapp New Privacy Update


Hello friends, We all use WhatsApp, but do we care about our privacy? Maybe we don’t but WhatsApp cares. WhatsApp has come up with new features with which we can message privately.

Suppose you are worried about your privacy on WhatsApp. In this blog, we will see new WhatsApp message privately features to protect your privacy.

WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging app all over the world. It is very concerned about its user’s privacy.

Let’s see some most important features of WhatsApp that can help you to messages privately and protect your data.

How to Message Privately on Whatsapp: Whatsapp Privacy Update

Let’s understand some key privacy features of WhatsApp to stay protected.

1. Default End to End Encryption

If you are worried that your WhatsApp messages could be seen by others, then don’t worry. Because your all messages end to end are encrypted and this can not be seen by others.

You should be amazed that your WhatsApp messages can not be seen by WhatsApp itself. That’s the best privacy policy by WhatsApp to keep users feeling free to chat.

As Facebook and other platforms has privacy policy, Whatsapp also has private policy for their users to keep secure and protected.

2. Online Presence

If you are not want to show your online presence then you can hide your WhatsApp online status also. This can help you to message privately on WhatsApp freely.

You can hide your online status on Whatsapp by going to settings and clicking on the account. Now you have to click on Privacy and you will see all the privacy settings to hide your online presence.

You can also set a no. of users you want to see your WhatsApp status. You can hide your profile image and other privacy you want to hide on WhatsApp.

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3. Screenshot Blocking for View Once

Whatsapp has a new feature called view once in which you can send photos and videos that can be seen only once by reviewers.

Now Whatsapp is updated by blocking users to take screenshots to view once message. As we all know Instagram has this feature, now it is implemented on whatsapp also.

With this feature, you can send Whatsapp message privately by view once function. If the reviewer wants to screenshot that message they can not.

By this, you can feel free to send photos and videos to any users and they can not misuse them if they want. Because they can not take screenshots or save photos or videos.

4. Leave the Whatsapp Group Silently

There was a tough decision to take to leave a WhatsApp group because everyone could be seen that we left this group.

But Now you can easily leave a WhatsApp group silently without knowing other group members. Whatsapp came up with this feature to help users to leave groups silently.

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5. Two-Step Verification

This is a very secure feature of Whatsapp for their users to protect their accounts with others. Two-step verification secures your account from others.

You have to on your two-step verification and whenever someone wants to open your WhatsApp account they have to enter a verification code.

So you can easily add some extra security to your WhatsApp account when you sign in to this. This will help your account to stay safe and secure and no one can read your WhatsApp message.

6. End to End Encrypted Backups

If you have lost your account or changed your phone, you can easily get your backup messages from end to end encrypted backups feature.

You have to on your backups and tell WhatsApp that you want daily backups or monthly or maybe yearly.

By this WhatsApp keeps your end-to-end encrypted backups on and you can download or restore those backups easily.

For this make sure that you have allowed WhatsApp to back up your message then you can restore them without any problems.

7. Disappearing Whatsapp Messages

Now you don’t have to worry about messages that you sent to others and don’t have to delete them separately. Whatsapp has a new feature called disappearing messages to protect the privacy of users.

Now you have to select the disappearing message option while sending a WhatsApp message and this will disappear after the reviewer sees that message.

This feature is best for those who want to send messages and for those seen once by reviewers to protect their privacy.

So you can send WhatsApp message privately and this will disappear after they read that messages. So you don’t have to worry about these things on WhatsApp.

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8. Block and Report

If you want to someone report or block who you don’t want to message you on WhatsApp then you can easily block or report them.

Whatsapp is more active for those who are misusing Whatsapp and bothering others with their unethical behaviors. So these block and report features are for them to secure someones privacy.

Simply if you have to block someone you have to click on the three dots in the right upper corner and you can block or report them easily.

This will help them to feel secure and can get rid of those people who are bothering them consistently. You don’t need to leave WhatsApp just block them.

9. Whatsapp Group Privacy Message

If you don’t want to join any Whatsapp group or want to specify who can add you to their groups you can easily manage this.

You can choose who can add you to their groups, everyone, your contacts, or those who you are allowed to add to their groups.

Now, this is the best WhatsApp feature for those who don’t want to join many groups. You can easily choose who can add you to their WhatsApp groups.

This will also help all WhatsApp users to feel free and secure to use Whatsapp without any barriers. You can also leave the group silently as we discussed earlier.


So these are some new and basic WhatsApp message private features to protect users and feel free to use them.

Now you can send WhatsApp message privately to a user without worrying about privacy. Because it is end-to-end encrypted and even Whatsapp can not see these messages.

You can also hide your online presence from everyone or your contacts or any specific person. You can also block someone to take screenshots of your photos or videos sent by you.

So this is how you can send message privately on WhatsApp and can secure your all personal data with Whatsapp privacy updates.

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