What is Viral Marketing: Top 10 Best Strategies of Viral Marketing

Hello friends, do you want to know about viral marketing? welcome to yet another blog where we’ll be talking about viral marketing.


I don’t know if you know what viral marketing is but we have all been part of viral marketing whether we want it or not.

It’s just like being part of global warming without realizing that we are part of global warming.

But we are not here to talk about global warming we are here to talk about the strategies that will help you go viral with viral marketing.

If you want to make your brands go viral this blog is for you. So without hyping it much let’s dive right into the strategies that we’ll be talking about so that your brand goes viral.

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What is Viral Marketing?

So what is viral marketing have you ever heard about viruses?

Well, I bet you have heard about virus more in your life than viral marketing as virus spreads and replicates themselves viral marketing is just like that.

It releases in one part of the country and spreads through numerous countries in the world of mouth through a medium of media.

Brands and advertisers and companies are using viral marketing for ages. They create ads that are emotionally evoking emotionally triggering and extremely attention-grabbing.

But what if I tell you if you do viral marketing in the right way you can win the trust of your audience and also generate awareness and on top of that create a demand for your brand?

That’s like killing three birds with one stone well there was a time when there was no internet no mobile phones no laptops no pc no TV. Yet viral marketing used to run the show how.

Well, that’s why I said it before if you touch the emotions of people they will spread your word.

But talk about how you have the internet you have television mobile phones have social media the impact that you can create by viral marketing is enormous.

Things you need to know about Viral Marketing

1. Viral Marketing is not a Paid Marketing

First I want to tell you that viral marketing is not a form of paid marketing, you don’t need an enormous amount of money for viral marketing but you do need creativity.

In its form of organic marketing, you’re creating such good content that people are genuinely interested in sharing that content.

It’s so hard touching that people genuinely want to share it with their families. And if you’re able to create that kind of content that is a form of viral marketing.

2. Viral Marketing is not a Niche Specific Marketing

The next thing that I want to tell you is it’s not niche-specific marketing.

Most marketing is based on specific marketing but not viral marketing the scope of reaching people is immense in viral marketing. It’s more like mass marketing but not entirely.

3. Viral Marketing is Natural Form and Strategic Form

The third thing that I want to tell you is viral marketing can be a natural form and strategic form as well.

Let’s take for example if you have educational content and you’re creating content every single day it’s about education it’s about computer technology it’s about coding so on and so forth.

And you’re giving an enormous amount of information and knowledge in that particular video your content has a high chance of going viral.

Not because you intend it to but it’s a natural process that people genuinely want to know about education upcoming projects coming jobs so on and so forth.

This is more of a natural form but there is a strategic form as well where you create and carve content that is specifically driven to the topic and that can create an emotional trigger in the audience’s brain.

And they can share it more and more on social media and on the Whatsapp group.

How can you find the relevant topics?

Now that you know the basics of viral marketing, I know you have one question in your mind how can you find the relevant topics?

How can you find the relevant information? How can you carve your content?

Well, I will suggest you these online searching tools from where you can extract stories and relative information that you can use to carve your content.

1. Google trend

2. BuzzSumo

3. Socialanimal

All these three tools will help you in curating new information and making content revolving around that aspect.

It also tells you what is trending and what is not trending what can work and what cannot work pretty well.

Why would people share your content?

Okay now even if you get all the information right even if you carve the best content ever.

Now here’s the question why would people share your content, what will make them share the piece of information with other people even if it’s time-consuming?

Why would they do that, the answer is because of social currency. People like being superior they like to share content that is good.

They love doing that because they want an upper hand in front of other people. It tells others about the fact that we are aware of what is happening around us about our surroundings.

If it is funny people like to share funny content because they like to make other people happy and they also want to have this upper hand that my sense of humor is kind of better than yours.

This is moral competitiveness that we have in our brain and it’s okay everybody has that. And you can use that to your advantage in viral marketing.

Pinpoints you should know about Viral Marketing

Now that you have all the relevant information here’s the pinpoint you should know about social media marketing.

  • What is a call to action?
  • When to use a call to action.
  • What is the engagement rate?
  • What are KPIs? so on and so forth.

This will create an impact on your audience the more you know about social media games the better you become.

Now let’s move on to the topic we have all been waiting for and this was the basis of all the things. This is where the real blog begins.

The 10 best strategies for Viral Marketing

1. Extreme emotions evolving and triggering content

Emotion is a strong force it’s powerful in many ways because it can influence a decision and urge people to act.

And that’s why it has been the most effective marketing technique to inspire people to make specific action to take specific action and reach business milestones.

Advantages of emotion-evoking content are:

  • You become memorable
  • Your content becomes shareable
  • It influences purchasing decision
  • It also helps build loyal customers and there are many more advantages to that.

2. Attention-grabbing

 Think of changing situation that’s affecting your customers. It could be a societal or political change a change related to technology or anything else that brings out problems or opportunities or both.

And then write your thoughts about this point.

  • What’s causing this trend how the situation has developed?
  • What is the current situation?
  • What are your recommendations for the readers or viewers to avoid harm or get the benefit out of it? It’s viral content because it’s relevant.

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3. Social proof generating

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon where people assume the action of others is an attempt to reflect correct behavior for the given situation.

The Social proof can be:

  • A celebrity talking
  • Expert advice ads
  • Certification so on and so forth.

4. Breathtaking surprising content

 Surprise and expectation can be a great asset when it comes to content. Make sure there is a twisted turn or something different every time you create the best content.

Human tends to love to share and watch content filled with action drastic change and unexpected end. The more unexpected it is the more breathtaking it becomes.

5. Writing successful slogans and jingles

 A person can typically remember the jingle its message and most importantly the brand represented by it. When considering some of the best jingles and slogans over the 30 years.

Sure some stick out more than others some have been iconic and others have been awful. But no matter how you slice it the real good ones leave impressions for decades or even a lifetime.

6. Expert advice

An expert influencing your brand can be the most vital part of viral marketing.

People tend to listen to experts more time than not and when experts speak for your brand people listen and they share content.

7. Celebrity influencing

In simple terms, it is a type of marketing that focuses on individuals who have the power to influence the buying decisions of others.

These influencers can be celebrities, thought leaders, or even everyday people with a large social media following.
businesses use influence marketing to reach new audiences and promote their products or services.

There are many benefits to using influence marketing, but there are also some challenges that businesses need to be aware of.

From start to end the message is considered theirs and it lends certain credibility and authenticity that celebrity endorsement was rarely immaculate.

It’s a great way to go viral by looking at the followers of the celebrity.

8. Insecurities fear targeting

 Targeting insecurities and stating that it’s okay everyone goes through it has been the most predominant marketing technique.

And it also makes for great shareable content people love cures and the cure for their fears is where marketing lies. Such as products for pimples they told soap is a great example for it.

9. Social message

 Black life matters depression is real these campaigns were trending do you know why because it holds a social message that people connect with.

And on top of that, it makes for great shareable content.

10. viral through challenges, prices, and invitations to meet someone

 Giveaways, competition, and the urge of winning something spread faster with the speed of light. Creating challenges and having appealing gifts is one of the traditional ways of marketing.

Yet has evolved into some fascinating medium. Social media YouTube channel so many different platforms for you to host your challenge and reach a wider amount of audience.


So everything that we mentioned here is everything that you need to know about viral marketing.

So if anyone is telling you that you need a big budget to go for viral marketing let me tell you, you don’t and you tell them also that you don’t okay?

You need good ideas you need the right message the right platform and a bit of creativity as well.

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