What are Video Marketing and Its Benefits and Platforms

So hello guys, in this blog post we will see what is video marketing, its benefits, and its platforms.


As per a Hubspot survey, 54% of customers expect more video content from a brand.

As per opt-in monster statistics, 84% of people say that they are convinced to buy when they watch a product or service video of the brand.

All survey also claims that 79% of people say they’ve been convinced to buy or download a piece of software after Watching a video.

But even apart from these statistics, we all know how essential videos have become to the world.

Video educates us entertains us and also helps a business in the promotion.

Videos almost everywhere from social media to TV ads help marketing make even more effective than other forms of advertising.

It’s essential to understand what is video marketing its benefits its examples and a lot more.

So let’s get started.

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What is Video Marketing?

So let’s first understand what video marketing means.

Video Marketing is simply marketing through video. Here like you create a social post billboard or email that aims to market your brand and eventually get sales.

The video does the same but with a different format that considers being more engaging than others.

Video marketing may look easy but actually creating a video for marketing is a time-consuming task and it can even be more expensive than other forms of marketing.

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How Video Marketing Works

So let’s just understand and brief on how video marketing works.

Video marketing is actually similar to other forms of marketing where you first define the target audience for the video you are making then you have to define the goal you want to fulfill like sales brand awareness product consideration etc.

Once you have done that now it is where you decide on the actual creation of a video.

Here you also determine what type of video you will create as per your goal. Once you decide this here comes the actual creation of the video.

However, this task requires equipment and software to create videos, and more importantly, you need video editing skills or you need to hire one with those skills.

Once the video is done here’s where you promote your video on various platforms and then analyze how well everything is going.

Benefits of Video Marketing

Now let’s see what benefits video marketing provides to you.

1. Public Preference:

The first benefit is public preference as we showed you the above statistics people prefer to watch videos than anything else.

You’ll currently see videos almost everywhere and the reason is that people prefer them more.

2. Audience Engagement

The next benefit is audience engagement as the audience prefers video to engage with it more.

Another reason is that video is the most visual content.

However, the benefit also depends on how you create the video. If your video quality and script are not as good as they should be you’ll fail to get the viewers’ attention for long.

3. High Chances of Product Sale

The next benefit is higher chances of customers buying the product as we explained to you in the buff statistic the audience considered purchasing a specific product more after watching a video.

It’s because a video helps him understand the product more.

For example, if a brand creates a video explaining its mobile features and designs it allows viewers to see how good that mobile is for them to buy the same thing is difficult by just watching a picture.

4. Search Ranking

Another benefit is search ranking. The search engine is an excellent source of getting the attention of your potential customers.

As you may know with links the search engine also shows videos on the search engine result page and it even has a video section in it if you can rank your video it can give you lots of views.

Video Marketing Platforms

After understanding these benefits let’s see which other platform you can use video to market your brand.

1. YouTube:

The best for video marketing is the one we all know and it’s YouTube. Here either you can use it to share a video on the platform and you can even run a video ad campaign.

The best place for video marketing is because the audience comes here with the intent of watching a video.

The best example of YouTube video marketing is apple‘s YouTube channel with over 15 million YouTube subscribers.

2. Social Media

Another platform is social media. Whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram sharing a video will give you a lot of exposure and attention.

Especially Instagram also has a feature like reels that can help you get a massive reach.

The best example of video marketing on Instagram is Zomato which promotes its services with short rail videos

3. Ecommerce:

The next is the eCommerce platform. A person is most likely to buy a product when they are on an e-commerce platform and we know that after watching a video people are more likely to buy a product fortunately e-commerce platforms like amazon allow uploading a video that describes your product.

The best example of video marketing on the e-commerce platform is mamaearth which uses an explainer video that helps viewers make a decision.

4. App Store:

Another platform is the app store. Creating apps and convincing people to install an app is crucial today and video can help you get more installs.

That is why you may have seen that almost every app in the app store consists of an introductory video.

5. Website:

Another platform is your website. Having a video on your website can help you gain more traffic also if someone comes on your website and watches a video it leads to a higher average session.

Duration leads to a higher ranking on the search engine and these are the major platforms where you can use videos for marketing.

So these are the video marketing introductions, benefits, and platforms.

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