What is Digital Marketing: Types of Digital Marketing

Hello friends, If you are looking for what is digital marketing and the types of digital marketing then in this blog I am going to show you the types of digital marketing.


Marketing is an essential aspect of every brand’s success. Over the years marketing has changed from one thing to another.

From radio ads which were an audio form of marketing to TV ads a video form of marketing.

Every major type of marketing had a time when they were the primary form of marketing but as time changed.

One just replaced the other. Radio was an effective platform for marketing until TV came into the picture but after TV came into the picture the importance of radio decreased drastically.

It is the same thing we are experiencing in today’s world. As the world is moving towards the digital era TV ads importance has decreased and has been replaced by digital marketing.

So as a business it’s now essential to focus on digital marketing and its types, but before that, you need to understand what digital marketing actually is.

Digital marketing is not a single marketing strategy it’s actually an umbrella term consisting of various types. What are they, let’s see.

Different Types of Digital Marketing

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

So the first type of digital marketing is search engine optimization or SEO.

You are probably familiar with search engines if you don’t think you are let me tell you that Google is also a search engine.

Search engines like Google, Bing, etc can be a major traffic source for any website.

However, there are a huge amount of websites on the World Wide Web also a search engine only shows 10 organic website links for each term on a single page and anyone hardly goes to the second page of a search engine.

It means to take benefit from the search engine’s huge traffic your website’s link needs to show up on the first page of the search engine and for that what you need is search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization is basically a set of practices that marketers execute that help a website rank on search engines.

These practices include adding quality content targeting specific keywords to rank making the website secure fast and indexable and a lot of other things.

To work correctly on the SEO of your website first you need to know how a search engine even works.

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2. Search Engine Marketing or PPC:  

Now the next type of digital marketing is search engine marketing or pay-per-click. Pay-per-click marketing is a paid type of digital marketing.

In this type of marketing, marketers place ads on websites or search engines and pay an amount every time they click on them.

In simple words, these are those ads that appear on top if you search for anything.

For example, when you type shoes in the search bar you see various shoes add on the top of the page these ads are known as PPC marketing.

The overall cost of PPC marketing varies based on the demand for keywords.

These ads look similar to other search result links you just see add written in bold before the URL of the web page.

Marketers use it as it’s easier than SEO which is a long-term process.

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3. Social Media Marketing:

Now the next type of digital marketing is social media marketing nowadays almost everybody has a social media account which is why having active social media pages is essential for every brand.

Social media provides you to connect with your target audience without any barriers.

On social media you can run various campaigns you can upload different content like video ads image ads gallery ads stories and more.

Social media content mainly helps you to create a buzz in the market about your products. The campaigns of Social media focus more on audience characteristics rather than keywords.

Social media marketing can be both organic and paid in organic you create your free account and post your content to attract followers and make them customers eventually.

However, if you want more reach and more functions you can go for paid ads on all major social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Which you can use to sell your products promote your app promote your social media account and much more depending on the social media platform to choose.

You also get to target a specific audience using ads and you can also choose specific marketing goals like sales awareness lead generation etc.

4. Content Marketing:

The next type of digital marketing is content marketing. There are various types of content that you can utilize in marketing including blog posts listings videos social media posts and more.

Content marketing is a great way to promote your brand through your content you can tell buyers that they have a need then ask them to take action and finally the buyer decides to purchase a product or service to fulfill the need.

5. Email Marketing:

Email marketing is the form of direct marketing that sends information offers blogs etc. directly to the target audience.

In email marketing competition is very high but this is still the most reliable source to retain customers.

Email marketing is done with newsletter subscribers or the one who has created an account on your website.

It is a cost-effective marketing strategy that gives a high return on investment. To do email marketing what you need is an email marketing tool.

6. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is commission-based marketing here a person promotes a product and if someone takes the product from them that person receives some commission.

For a brand, it can be an effective form of marketing you can start your affiliate program and those who want to join get either an affiliate link or affiliate code.

When someone purchases your product from that link or code you’ll get new customers and they will get the commission.

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7. Influencer Marketing:

Influencer marketing is a type of online advertising where influences promote your product and services.

In TV ads brands cast celebrities to build trust similarly online brands hire influencers to build credibility and trust in the market.

Influencer marketing can be beneficial for every type of business but choosing the right influencer can be tricky.


These are the different types of digital marketing. Digital Marketing can take your business to reach new heights but it doesn’t mean that you should initially start using all seven types.

Analyze your audience product and budget and choose the right combination for your digital marketing plan and then go with these types of digital marketing.

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