Top 14 Types of Content to Post on Pinterest


Are you wondering what should I be pinning on Pinterest? Want to know what types of content to post to Pinterest?

If you’re unsure about what’s popular on Pinterest or struggling to think of ideas to share with your Pinterest profile every day, I know it can be hard. Let’s See.

Basics of Posting on Pinterest

First things first, when we’re talking about posting on Pinterest, you want to make sure that you’re sharing an image or a video or that that content is longer and vertical whether that’s an image or a video.

So, Pinterest encourages everyone to create those 1,500-by-1,000-pixel images or videos and you can easily do this in Canva if you need to resize your image or if you’re looking to design a pin.

So, let’s dive into the 14 types of content that you can post on Pinterest.

14 Types of Content to Post on Pinterest

1. Pin Linking to Your Content

So, number one, it’s an obvious one, It’s your content.

Whether you’re creating blog posts, downloads, freebies, videos, podcasts, episodes, recipes, or whatever type of content you’re creating, you can share that on Pinterest.

So, Kim Foster, MD + Coach, is doing a really amazing job at sharing pins that link to her content and I chose her as an example because she also has a podcast.

You can see she’s linking to her podcast episode that also has a YouTube video embedded and remember if you have this content.

You can share links to the video, to the podcast episode, and to the blog post that also shows off your content.

2. Multiple Pins per Piece of Content

And the second type of content that you can post on Pinterest is multiple pins to your content.

Okay, so no matter what type of content you’re creating, whether those are products or blog posts, or podcast episodes, you need to design multiple pins per post.

So, when we’re talking about designing our images, you want to make sure you just have multiple templates so that you can share the same piece of content more than once.

This is a great trick especially if you have not been creating Pinterest content.

Maybe you got busy, or maybe you haven’t had the time to create regular content for your blog or YouTube channel for example.

So, you’re going to want to make sure you’re designing multiple pins per post.

Someone who does a really great job at sharing multiple pins per post is She Means Blogging.

So, for example, we have these posts right here that are about affiliate marketing and she’s created multiple pins that link to the same content.

So, this is something you can do. Create multiple pins that link to your amazing content. Don’t just share it once.

So, we’ve got these 40 best affiliate programs but we can also see that this pin links to it and this pin also links to it.

So, don’t just share your content once, share it multiple times with different pins.

3. Repurposed Pinterest Content

And speaking of not having time to constantly create Pinterest content.

The third type of content you can share is repurposed content from another platform because guess what?

You can repurpose your Instagram reels, your TikTok videos, maybe your Google web stories, or even your YouTube shorts for Pinterest.

especially if you create something like idea pins or video pins which we’re going to talk about in a second.

These pins are perfectly sized. So, you can simply just repurpose it.

So, whether you’re creating one type of short-form video and you’re posting it across every single platform, don’t forget about Pinterest in that workflow.

I would say the queen of repurposing content on Pinterest is Daniela over at I Like to Dabble.

She creates these videos that she shares on other platforms and then she’s uploading them to Pinterest.

So you can repurpose your videos. Don’t just create them once. You can share them on every platform just like Daniela does.

4. Pinterest Content Idea Pins

So the fourth types of content you can post on Pinterest are idea pins.

Have you started creating them as yet? So you want to make sure when you’re creating your idea pins they’re in that 9 by 16 ratio.

It’s the same ratio as once again your web stories, and your TikTok videos. Something you want to keep in mind is that you want to show not tell.

So, don’t rely on text-heavy slides but you want to incorporate photos and videos that are going to bring this one single idea across. So, keep it simple.

Of course, if we’re talking about idea pins, we’re talking about Kayla from Writing from nowhere who creates beautiful and exceptional idea pins.

So, for example, here’s just one about a travel hack. Now, you can click through the slides of an idea pin. There you have it. Love it.

5. Pinterest Content Video Pins

So, the fifth types of content you can post on Pinterest are video pins.

So, remember, we’re always talking about repurposing videos.

You can do that in the video pin format if you have that for other platforms but video pins are great for showing before and after, behind-the-scenes video, for telling a story.

So, if you got short video clips especially if you are a travel blogger, lifestyle, food, and recipe.

Video pins are great for that and it’s another way for you to show off your content instead of just posting a standard image pin.

Video pins also are more engaging. So for video pins, someone who does this really well is EF Go Ahead Tours.

They’ve got lots of videos that show off their amazing tours. So here’s a great example.

6. What’s Trending or Seasonal?

So, the sixth type of content you can share on Pinterest is what’s trending or what’s seasonal.

This is the type of content that is the most popular on Pinterest because people are on Pinterest looking for trends whether it’s summer, spring, winter, or fall, or some holiday, or some celebration that’s coming.

So, when we’re talking about what’s trending and seasonal, of course, you’re going to want to click on analytics and then go to trends.

This is where you’re able to see what exactly is trending and when.

Choose your audience and you’re going to be able to figure out what’s spiking so that you can hop on these trends and get even more clicks to your content.

So, be sure to use this tool to find what’s trending for you.

7. Sales Pages and Products

 So, the seventh type of content that you can share on Pinterest is sales pages and products.

So, do you sell anything? What do you sell and are you sharing it on Pinterest?

So, whether that’s a sales page for your course or coaching program, maybe it’s for your digital products, maybe it’s for your craft business.

Whatever it is that you sell, you should make pins whether they’re images or videos that link and show off your products.

So, make sure you’re linking directly to those product pages on Pinterest.

So, when it comes to sales pages and products, Etsy is got to be one of the best profiles on Pinterest for sharing products whether we’re talking about idea pins, video pins, standard pins, and product pins.

They really do create some exceptional content that shows off products in so many ways. They’re using every single style of formatting.

So, if you want to create beautiful product pins, Etsy is a great profile to check out to get inspiration, right? They’ve got videos.

8. Pinterest Photos Content

Okay, so something else that you can post is photos.

So, no matter what type of content creator you are, whether you’re showing off your travel images, or your recipe images.

Maybe they’re behind-the-scene images of your business, how it’s made, and what you do in a day, there are so many types of photos that you can share on Pinterest.

You’re definitely going to want to add your domain or your username just to have those images branded to protect them and also to make sure you are building that brand recognition even if it’s just with photos.

So, Through Kelsey’s Lens is a really amazing travel blog account that shows off beautiful images and if you want to use photos, this is just a really inspirational example for you.

Just don’t forget to also add your branding.

9. Affiliate Content on Pinterest

So, number nine is affiliate content. So, do you belong to any high-commission affiliate programs, maybe you belong to the Amazon affiliate program?

I do always encourage you to create that content on your site or your channel and then, include the affiliate links there.

So, as opposed to linking directly on Pinterest but this type of affiliate content is a great way for you to earn income and find content to post on Pinterest.

Someone who is exceptional at sharing affiliate content and also repurposing content is Hello Happy Mom. Now, she’s got amazing videos on Amazon favorites.

So, this is a really amazing way for you to show off affiliate content.

10. Category and Tags Pages

So hardly anyone does this. So if you do you’re going to stand out. You can share your category or tag pages on Pinterest.

So when you’re creating content you’re able to categorize that you can add particular tags.

Now if you’ve got a lot of content under one category you can actually share that on Pinterest.

Share those category links.

11. Infographics

And number 11 is infographics. You can create these images that explain or show off particular concepts.

Maybe if you have a lot of data, charts, lists, and infographics are a great way to do that.

They’re long so make sure you are sticking to that longer format for Pinterest it’s a great way for you to get a lot more saves on your content and to show not just tell what your content is about.

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12. Work with me or Sign up for Pages

And number twelve is sharing work with me or a signup page.

So, do you offer free discovery calls? Do you offer any consultations? Can someone book a call with you? And do you have any work with me page? So, you can actually create pins for these pages.

13. Quotes or Graphic Text Pages

 So, number thirteen is a particular favorite of mine. You can create quotes or graphic text images. So, you can show off famous quotes or even you can quote yourself.

Take quotes from your content and create those as images and share them of course linking to that content.

And when it comes to quoting pins, our Mindful Life is really amazing at designing beautiful quote pins.

So, you can design some quotes or graphic-type posts for your content.

14. Other People’s Pins

And last but not least probably one of the most popular ones is other people’s pins but here’s the thing you want to make sure if you’re sharing someone else’s content to your Pinterest profile that it is of the highest quality.

So whether you’re in a Tailwind Community or you’re just sharing pins that your audience would be interested in.

Make sure that the majority of the pins you’re sharing on Pinterest are your own so make sure other people’s pins are a fraction of the pins that you’re posting.

And if we’re talking about sharing other people’s content a great place to check is of course your home feed.

But you want to make sure that before you pin it that of course you click on that pin and make sure it actually links to the page that is shown off. And there you have it.


So these are the top 14 types of content you can post on Pinterest. If you are facing any problems regarding posting content on Pinterest, just choose one of these content types.

There are multiple content ideas for Pinterest, if you work in one of these Pinterest content ideas niches you will be successful on Pinterest easily.

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