Top 9+ In Demand Freelancing Job Skills to Earn 6-Digit Income

Hello friends, if you are searching for the top freelancing skills to make 6 figure income then you are at the right place. Here are the best freelancing skills that you can learn to earn money online.


I want to have a secondary source of income but what to do? Which freelancing career is good or what to learn? Do you have these questions in your mind? Then this blog is for you.

I will explain around eight to nine freelancing careers using which you can make a really good source of income.

So, I will also explain the best things to learn in each of these freelancing fields.

So here are the top freelancing skills to learn and make 6 digit income.

1. Website Development

Website development is one of the most in-demand services currently. No matter who it is if a person is starting their own business they needs a website.

Let’s say you have at least 100 websites then just the annual maintenance cost itself will give you good money.

So website development for any business if they want to grow they need a website.

So for this, you need to learn WordPress need to learn Wix and you need to learn Shopify.

Learning any of these will also work but the thing is you need to be more flexible based on clients’ requirements.

For my e-commerce store, I wanted to go with Wix first then I wanted to go with Shopify to try different things.

So don’t no need to go with the coding as of now because WordPress and Wix give you a drag-and-drop option.

So it is very easy to build a website so the best suggestion is to go with WordPress and learn all the plugins and learn a few codings like HTML and CSS.

That should be more than enough if you want to go with the best suggestion.

2. Marketing Agency

The second one of the top freelancing skills is Marketing Agency.

See, there are many companies out there who want to outsource their marketing to the people who are specialized in it.

So any person who is starting a business might not know how to market their business. This is where the market opens wide.

You need to learn digital marketing which includes YouTube ads, Instagram ads, Google ads, and Instagram and Facebook ads, which are one and the same.

How to build a profile in these things you need to learn that. I need to learn different types of marketing and different types of sales funnels.

So this is more than enough. The best suggestion is to learn Facebook ads, and Google ads and learn retargeting and remarketing advertisements. So this is more than enough.

Now coming to the previous website development, here the landing page itself is the proper and well-planned designed landing page, easily people will pay you around 20 to 30 000 rupees for one single page.

So you need to sit and brainstorm it right. So landing page optimization can be included in the marketing agency.

3. Content Marketing

Now third and one of the most important freelancing skills is content writing and marketing.

Now let’s say you own a website development company a person comes to you and give you their business requirement and the website.

I’m giving them for example home page, a service page, as well as a contact page.

How do you decide what content to be written there? For that, you need practice you need to learn about content marketing.

So content marketing can be writing a blog writing content for a website writing content for YouTube writing the description for YouTube writing the caption for Instagram or content for Instagram.

It includes everything from writing a letter to different services. So if you know how to do the proper research and keyword that’s better.

So what you need to learn writing the script which makes the sure person who is reading the script or listening to the script stays there.

4. Video Editing and Photoshop

Now coming to the fourth one of the top freelancing skills which is video editing and Photoshop.

If you go on Fiverr easily it ranges from 1200 to 5000 rupees. The average bare minimum average I’m talking about.

So any person coming to the business beat website or their Instagram profile or anywhere they need video and photos right.

Now there are two segments video editing and Photoshop.


That is photo editing or creating content using photos. Canva is the simplest option you can start with then there is one more website called Pixilart using also you can do it.

And if you need a more professional way you can learn Photoshop.

Video Editing

Coming to video editing there are many things which include the quality of the video as well as audio.

Now coming to the video rating again after effects are one of the most used video rating applications as of now.

And premiere pro is also there where you can remove the green screen all those things are very important.

So the best suggestion is after effects and Photoshop which is one application completely as well as you can go with canva to do the basic photo editing.

So variating green screen is very much in demand unit because the majority of people want to do recording on the green screen some people do it off the green screen itself.

It’s better to learn how to remove the green screen as well as work on the normal screens. And learning about Photoshop is the best option.

5. Marketing Strategist

 Now coming to the next one of the top freelancing skills is Marketing Strategist.

The best and the biggest market is marketing strategist what is it let’s understand?

Let’s say a business is coming or let’s say a person wants to launch a product and how to do it in an effective way. This is very important.

So you need to learn what is sales funnel you need to understand what the components of the sales funnel are.

Which includes brand awareness brand reach consideration and then conversion. So sales funnel is one of the most important parts.

Different businesses will have different sales funnels and requirements.

So marketing strategist is the best option to go with. Specifically, it is just one-time major work remaining things just modifying here and there.

6. YouTube Channel

The next and simplest one of the top freelancing skills is the YouTube channel. Creating a YouTube channel which is very easy.

Here you need to learn a little bit about keywords you need to learn about how to create videos you need to learn how to edit the videos and you need to learn how to create the thumbnails right.

If not then you need to understand how to outsource all these things. You can outsource all these things that are called YouTube automation.

That is also one of the most important concepts right away that you can start earning good money right.

The best suggestion is you can go can do everything on your own that’s a better way or you can learn YouTube automation also which is also one of the easiest ways.

7. Training Academy

 The next one of the top freelancing skills is the Training Academy.

Do you possess any skills which you can teach? If you process a skill like explaining mathematics yes start an academy online academy.

If you possess expelling science or any technique like digital marketing or any of the above it can be a website it can be content writing can be video editing as we discussed right.

Any of the things that I am listing here in this particular video you can use training all these things as well online.

The video takes Photoshop much in demand okay. As low price as possible and you can go further.

Now I’ll tell you how you can work with a marketing agency to teach simple digital marketing at just uh 500 rupees.

And explain to them how you work with digital marketing and make them your client. This is the best way to start a training academy and upcast it.

8. Affiliate Marketing

The next one of the best freelancing skills is affiliate marketing. Here people make a hell lot of money.

Be it anyone everybody is promoting one or another thing either on their Instagram or they’re on Facebook or on their YouTube videos.

If you have a minimum of 10 000 followers on Instagram trust me with cross promotions as well as affiliates easily you can make up to 20 to 25 000 without any hassle just by promoting the product of others.

Now let’s say you are in a technological niche means you are teaching something or training something then you can promote different training academies.

Affiliate marketing in this now you understood what it is what you need to learn is how to use Instagram how to use YouTube and how to create your own personal brand okay.

And how you can influence people for taking different products. This means your content should be really good when you are creating it.

So keep this in mind so the best suggestion is to start with Instagram as well as YouTube these are the best ways to grow which I have used personally.

9. Ecommerce Store

Now last but not least of the top freelancing skills is an e-commerce store.

Obviously, what it is you go to Flipkart it’s e-commerce.

So one product can also form e-commerce if you want to do e-commerce means selling the product online which can come with a refund return or even no fund no return policy also.

So all you need to learn here is Shopify or WordPress.

In that, you need to learn this woo commerce or Shopify e-commerce site and how builds it right.

The best suggestion is to learn WordPress with woo-commerce linking as well as payment linking or you can go with Shopify also.

Shopify is a bit expensive but yeah it’s a good option if you are going for e-commerce.


So, these are the best top 9 in-demand freelancing skills to learn. These are certain things that you can start as a freelancer which are the fastest growing nowadays.

Don’t try to start all obviously you can start all but start with one. Then you will understand how to execute them and earn 6 digit income.

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