19 Smart Tips & Trends for Social Media Marketing in 2024

Hello my friends, welcome to another blog post in which we will talk about top tips and trends for social media marketing.

First Let’s talk about the 13 best tips for social media marketing to evaluate strategy.

1. Marketing Journey Documentation

So the first tip from social media marketing tips is to document your marketing journey from start as a kid we always wanted to know the behind-the-scenes video and as we grew up that didn’t change.

We want to know the strategy that has been laid out we also want to know what goes behind the scene.

When they are shooting or working for this particular project what this company is all about what is the scene of that company?

Everything we want to know and that’s how we human beings are. You might not know this but behind-scenes videos are the most watched videos period.

And it also gives a sense of personal connection with your audience that okay this is what goes into the work this is the struggle that we do as a company.

It’s not as flawless as you see on the videos and that’s just okay. The more they see the more they believe in your brand.

So always make sure that you have the scenes video and you document it in front of your audience.

2. Balance Quality, Quantity, and Consistency

 From social media marketing tips, the number two tip is where brands struggle to balance quantity, quality, and consistency.

The more quantity you put some way or the other the quality might get compromised. Does that mean you should stop the quantity of content absolutely not?

The more content you post the more platform will give you rich why because it’s a source of audience retention for them.

The more content you put the more people watch which means people are staying on their platform and that’s what social media platform wants.

The most amazing content without consistency is definitely going to underperform. That’s why you got to come out with something on your calendar that brings you quantity quality and consistency.

Stick to the discipline and you’ll thrive.

3. Platform Selection

Most of the new creators don’t get this one but you have to tap on the social media platform that provides long-form content.

I get that the short videos are getting famous because of the reals TikTok and so many other platforms coming into the picture.

But there’s something about the long-form content that is unparalleled that is the depth of the content.

If I want to know more about digital marketing I won’t go on to someone who is creating short videos.

I need depth I need information and that’s what long-form content provides for you. So make sure you

Target YouTube and the blog post and write in-depth content giving all the valuable information in it.

There’s no comparison to the depth of the content if you have the information if you have the knowledge to all percent.

Just imagine if there are four brands with the same products same strengths same quantity everything same. What will you do?

Well, you will buy any of their products but what sets them apart is where you go in.

4. USPs and Strength

 So the fourth point in social media marketing tips is always to make sure what your USP is and what is your strength.

Any brand or service has its own identity and that’s how people rectify you and how you can find you’re USPs.

By checking on your competition’s progress and their strength. What are the two things that come into your mind when you think about apple, the best product and expensive.

Apple don’t make cheap products they don’t make affordable products because that is not their USP.

Their USP is to give best product and charge them accordingly.

So make sure you always figure out what you generally are and what your brand stands for and make that a USP and that is your strength.

5. Research and Monitoring Tools

Now how do you know that the content idea is good and it is running in the world? Well here are some of the platforms that you can visit.

well search Buzzsumo.com and you’ll be redirected to an interface. What you can do is write social media or any of the content that you’re looking for.

I’m writing social media type on find content and let’s see the magic. It might take some time depending upon your internet connection.

So this is the kind of interface that you’ll be watching yourself as well it tells you about which platform the content will be running in.

Whether is it performing well on Twitter the number of likes it has got the total engagement it is receiving on social media. Every detailed data is here and that’s what makes this platform wonderful.

Well, you get to know about your content right also the other platform that you can run into is social animals and content studio as well.

6. Tone of the Content

In tips of social media marketing, the number six tip is the tone of the content. Chances are you are a newbie at freelancing and you won’t ask the relevant question and that’s okay because that’s what newbies do.

If you’re planning to make kick-ass content for your brand you have to understand the tone of your audience.

How to do a little introspection ask yourself to talk with yourself what is the tone of your brand and what you want it to represent.

Because you don’t want to communicate with your audience in some alien language that they don’t even understand.

You have to put your story in front of them and in order to do that you should know what tone to go for.

Make sure you put out your flaws and your strengths out there and let them decide what kind of brand you are.

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7. Engagement Rate

If I find your social media account with 30 000 followers trust me I won’t be fascinated.

Because first I’ll watch the likes on your post and that’s how engagement is decided.

If you have 30 000 followers and just 30 people liking your content maybe I won’t be willing to reach out to you.

It’s sure that I won’t be willing to reach out to you because your connection with your audience is slim. And that’s what platforms look out in today’s day.

They don’t look at how many followers you have rather they look at how many people engage with your content on the daily basis.

And that was our seventh point engagement rate is still very important. And it’s as important as eating food every single day.

8. Engage with Other’s Audiences

Don’t let your egos write a check that your body can cash. Meaning engaging with others’ content and making sure you provide an opportunity to engage with yours as well.

This is more like a symbiotic relationship the more you engage with other people’s content the more they will engage with your content.

The more you share their content the more they will share your content. Rather than trying to build a competition make sure you create collaboration before the competition.

Because the more you do collab the more their audience will recognize you and your audience will recognize them.

It’s a win-win situation and you might as well go with the win-win situation rather than having any chance of you coming out second.

So the eighth point in social media marketing tips is to engage with other audiences don’t let your ego write a check that your body can’t cash.

9. Tap Groups available on your platforms

With that said tap onto the groups and other people on the same platform and connect with the people of your same niche.

Make sure you collaborate more and create content with them and create videos with them to engage with their audience.

Have a live chat with them the more you do this the more people will start recognizing you and the more people will get connected with you.

The thing that really stands in social media marketing is collaboration before the competition.

10. Build a Community

Create a community rather than just a brand. what does it mean by creating community?

Helping NGOs drive campaigns by participating in social campaigns that’s how you build community. It’s not a one-way street you have to give something to your audience as well.

Make sure you start giving giveaways make sure you give gifts to your audience and select them the more you do this the better community you will build.

Social media is not just to increase followers’ conversion sales it’s also to help people. And make sure you understand it and your brand understands it. The more you do the person will understand that too.

11. Keep Experimenting

 The best thing about social media it’s not like any other job. There are constant changes constant new trends constant new things and every new thing to try.

I understand that you can’t be 100 sure that this will work or not but you’ll never know if you don’t try. You can’t just run for analytics to best reach conversion likes and comments.

Sometimes all you have to do is try a new thing and let it slide.

12. Make your content searchable

 And the last but not the least tip is to make your content searchable. If your page is about digital marketing you have to make sure that you write something about digital marketing in your bio as well.

The more you do this the better chances are for people to search you out really quickly.

Do you know what time is it it’s a good time for you to optimize your content with search engine optimization on social media as well?

So these are the best 13 social media marketing tips to evaluate to your business

Top 7 Best Trends of Social Media Marketing

 Now as promised this was not just tips and tricks of social media marketing blog post. It was about the trends and that’s what we’ll be talking about the recent trends that are flourishing on the internet.

And let’s just create them out for you. So without wasting any time let’s find out what are the social media trends that are booming right now.

1. Video content

 If I can sum up the whole recent years which content are booming its video content and video content.

No matter whether it’s large no matter short they are booming like anything else on social media. Even the stats are showing that video content is roofing up to the peak.

2. Stories

Now you’ll say the stories are for like so many long times. How will they make us thrive?

Well, the fact that YouTube and LinkedIn have introduced stories the richer the platform will give to the new feature. And that’s why stories will still be so relevant in these upcoming years as well.

3. Live streaming

Nobody ever thought that the big one hour to our live streaming would be so trending these days.

Well with YouTube live streaming has become something else. People are playing games and showing off their skills that is so freaking impressive. right?

And with flourishing ears coming many have predicted that this sensation will take another hype.

4. Social commerce

Leveraging social sites for an e-commerce business is something that is very booming right.

Now if you have an e-book or any product to sell make sure you put it on social media and you can generate sales out of it. That is so freaking cool.

5. Soundless video

Now, what is those well recent research that has found that 35 percent of people watch videos without sound?

And if you can make videos that are textual bases and animated basis you can still create a lot of engagement for your content.

6. Create Self-Awareness Content

There are so many things happening around the world man, which brings me to the next point which is creating self-awareness content for greater causes.

The examples such as black lives matter, the me too movement, and the pink movement for breast cancers, there are so many beautiful causes on social media that help people and different communities on social media.

You don’t want to take advantage of every little thing on social media sometimes all you can do is use it for something greater than just yourself. And you can still always create a good engagement out of it as well.

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7. Contest on social media

There is so much beautiful content that is running around be innovative be you. And make sure you make your own contest or participate in someone else’s contest.

The more you do some way or the other it will help you with engagement leads sales whatever that is but it will help you. And that’s how trends are working these days.

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