How to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2023-24

Hello friends, in this blog the whole process will pan out to be how can you create a social media marketing strategy step by step process.

In this blog, we’ll be talking about how you can create your own strategy to get mesmerizing results for your social media marketing journey.


We’ll go through the fact that what is buyer’s persona.

What are the strategies that you should lay out what are the researches that you should be doing to make a perfect strategy for your social media marketing and so on and so forth?

So the social media marketing strategy that we will help you lay down today consists of two parts:

1. You’ll have to ask questions to the clients that you’re working for. If you are a social media marketing strategist or so on and so forth that so many things are there you need to ask some questions to the brand you are working for.

And if you are a one-person show then you might have to answer this question on your own to lay out the best strategy for you.

2. The second process that we’ll be talking about is actually mapping and formulating a strategy for the growth of your social media marketing journey.

And when I say your journey I definitely mean the work that you are putting the research that you’re putting into how can we enhance that? So that it gives you the right results.

Now before you start laying your strategy you need to ask your brand these questions. If you’re not working for the brand then you need to ask yourself these questions.

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1. Ask Their Responsibility

What is going to be your responsibility in this social media marketing journey or in this strategy layout journey?

And of course, a good client always knows that there are different amount of responsibilities for the social media journey.

And that is the reason why a big team works for just one project like social media marketing which is a very big project.

That’s why it’s kind of a prerequisite to have some big teams for social media marketing.

Because there are so many different factors that come into the picture and so many people have different expertise in the particular field.

But apart from just sending your job profile make sure you lay out all these factors that there are social media management social media strategies social media content creator and so on and so forth.

There are so many different factors you make sure you tell your client about all of this. And let them decide what they actually need and what they already have installed.

And you can always charge them separately for the different jobs that you’ll be doing on social media marketing.

Questions You Should Ask the Brand

So what are the questions that you should actually ask yourself or the branding you’re working for? The questions that you actually should ask are:

  • Whether you’ll just create a social media marketing strategy for them or you’ll be doing other work for them as well.
  • Whether you only have the responsibility of strategizing making plan layouts and all that stuff or you also have to do the execution part like posting it on social media or another team will take care of that.
  • You also have a management responsibility do you have to engage with the audience when the comments come likes come stories re-sharing and all that stuff you should always ask that as well.
  •  You see if you’re a beginner you might not know all of this but there are different factors and different people working with different expertise in social media marketing.
  • Find out what your is, and make sure you capitalize on that one.

And that’s why you can’t take social media marketing as one man game and be so underpaid for that. You should have that one skill and get paid worth your skill.

You definitely thought that the questions are over right. Well, that’s not how the social media game stands.

2. Ask What Their Brand Stand For

What you should know is what their brand stands for.

I know what will happen if you don’t ask this question and a good social media marketing strategy isn’t one of them. So never ever neglect this lining of question.

What audience are they targeting what are the marketing strategies that they want you to apply according to what people expect from them?

And their brand and what do they think sets their brand apart from the other brand?

Answer to this question will give you an enormous amount of debt in terms of the layout voice of content and planning of content.

That is how it should be planned what voices should be used and what content strategies should be applied and a good marketer never misses this question.

Imagine that you can’t open your eyes for one day and you have to run 100 miles you’ll be pretty much screwed right and that’s how your social media marketing strategy would be.

3. Ask Marketing Goals

If you don’t ask this question that what are their goals for the campaigns that you’re doing?

Is it to increase brand awareness or is it just to build trust between the brands is it just to increase engagement, like this video, like this post?

And you like this video too or it may be just to increase the sales to get revenue or it also can be to get more followers than their competitive just to say that we got more followers than them.

And to know this you have to ask this question what are their goals for the campaigns that you’ll be doing social media marketing?

You see if you get the motive you can drive the campaigns accordingly rather than going blindly.

4. Ask Audience Demographics

 The next thing that we should ask is their audience demographics or the customer persona. Customer demographics are the best way to know the audience layout.

Where they are from what is their age the region they are from and so on and so forth. In order to stay relevant throughout you have to know the demographics of the audience.

You can target a US audience and expect yourself in Europe you should be thorough with the demographics.

And that’s the next question that you should ask.

What if I tell you that you can’t open your eyes for one day and you have to run 100 miles you’d be pretty much screwed right and that’s how screwed you will be if you don’t know your motives on social media marketing.

That’s where the matrix comes into the picture.

5. Ask Target Metric and KPI

 You should always ask which matrix your brand is going to look up to.

Are they looking for reach are they looking for impressions are they looking for conversion rates and what KPIs are they going to look up to?

The more you know the more you can work on it that’s a pretty smart thing to do if you ask me because if you know that these are the matrix that they’re going to look up to you can always work on those metrics.

So always ask what are the metrics, they’re going to look up to as a target matrix.

6. Ask for the Deadline

Do you ever go to restaurants and just wait for waiters to come up with your food that’s exactly how the brand waits for the result.

So make sure you always ask the expected time to attain the goals. You might have an enormous amount of expectations and you can cut some of those by giving them a real idea about how it is going to pan out.

Your social media marketing strategy definitely would take an amount of time to get liable results.

So always lay out the whole plan in front of them and make sure to address their unrealistic expectation as the brands always do.

Your client might not know the real-time and real work that goes into it but you should always lay them out and give them the real expectation that is achievable.

Well has it ever happened to you that you have enrolled for an internship for a particular job and you end up doing all the jobs?

Well, that’s what happens in freelancing and social media marketing as well. Always ask if they have a copywriter or if you’ll be doing that job or else make sure you get paid for that copywriting job as well.

Because most of the time you enroll for a particular job and you end up doing all the job for them. Which is definitely way more than what you have bargained for.

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7. Ask Ads Budget

You should always ask for the ad budget so that you should have a relevant idea about how much it is going to cost and how much they are going to cut you.

Whatever happens, make sure you give them a valid idea of how the ad budget is going to pan out.

8. Strategy Execution

And the last question I’m directly going to cut to the chase do you have to take permission every single time when you execute a new strategy?

Yes then on what stages because it takes a humongous amount of time to get approval from the head and then execute the social media marketing strategy.

And you also have deadlines to be achieved because you have to get results at a particular time.

So make sure you ask this question and give them a real layout that how this is going to pan out and how this is going to waste your time.

Now, you can actually find an alternative for this or you can actually increase the time.

So these were the eight questions that you really need to pitch in before you start the social media marketing game and since we have got that out of our discussion.

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Social Media Marketing Strategy

Now let’s formulate the best strategy that can help you get your social media marketing game to a peak. Now let’s formulate the best strategy for your social media marketing

1. Research process

Since you have got the answers to all the questions that we have discussed before you’ll have a wide perspective or constraints.

So you’ll have all of those for research purposes and that’s where you can jot down all your research ideas and then you can pan out some ideas out of it and make the best strategy for your social media marketing game.

Some Key Focuses While Doing Social Media Marketing Strategy:

1. Tone of the Brand

The key focus on that should be on the tone of your brand. The tone is a very important part of a particular brand.

Let’s take an example of apple when apple came into the picture they didn’t talk more about the specification that flat screens much space this much processor so on and so forth.

What they all did is 1000 songs in your pocket and we were all intrigued by that. So make sure you set the tone of your brand perfectly.

2. Competitor’s Research

The second thing that you can focus on is competitor research.

What are their performances how they are performing on social media what content is doing good for them are they posting more jokes are they doing more motivational stuff? Are they giving more informational stuff you should always have your eye on their content as well?

3. Analytics of their Page

The next thing that you can do is try to check the analytics of their page. When I say there I don’t mean competitors I mean the brand you are working for.

What are the previous analytics that they had what are the success that they have gotten what are the impressions what are the reach, in order for you to know whether you’re growing or not, you need to know the previous analytics.

That’s where the comparison parts come into the picture if you are doing well that means your analytics will be better than the previous analytics.

So that’s why you should always note down the previous analytics. Current platform of the brand and the content that they have been posting.

5. Watch out for Dead Content

And the last thing which is pretty important is to watch out for the dead content.

Figure out what content is working what sort of ideas are working videos are working or not post content is working or not.

The written content is not getting that much engagement always watch out for such content and try to rectify and demolish them.

2. Creating a customer persona

The chances are you’ve already figured it out by talking with your brand but if not then this is your chance. This is the show time you got to be prepared for the audience that you’ll be facing.

And in order to do that, you have to come up with relevant content. So that’s why to figure out what the brand is selling at the same time what customers are expecting from the brand.

And the more you do that the more you will be able to create content related to that.

Relevancy is always been the key to content creation and the more relevant you are the better content you’ll make and more audience will get engaged with it.

So make sure you figure out the persona of the audience that is there and make sure the content is according to that.

3. Finalize the platform

You don’t want to go out on every single platform with the same content because that is just chaotic and spamming if all of the people are following you on all of the platforms.

You got to come up with different stripes right? Let me just give you an example if you wear the same t-shirt at a party school function and a different party again you might not be liked by everyone.

See if you’re a b2b business you might not focus on Instagram as much as you would focus on LinkedIn. Because that’s where the more business-oriented people are.

You can always use a bit of common sense and a bit of presence of mind in order to drive your decision and your social media marketing strategy.

So make sure you finalize the platform and you finalize it right.

4. Finalize the content

We have covered it a bit upward giving you a decent idea let’s dive deep into it. Once you get an idea about the customer’s persona you can drive your content according to it.

Let’s say our customers are looking for information you can always put informational content.

Now, this informational content also gets valid do you want to post video informational content or do you want to post written informational content?

That is the key to knowing what your audience genuinely needs or wants. And that’s why I told you to break the platforms down.

A blog post won’t work on YouTube because you don’t know where to post a blog post on YouTube.

And normal photo uploads are also not going to work on YouTube what is going to work on YouTube is videos.

So you might as well post videos on YouTube post on Instagram or later article blog posts on LinkedIn and that’s how you can orient all the content game.

And make sure you post the best content out there. To finalize the content for particular platforms and drive that social media marketing strategy to its potential.

5. Keyword research for description and tags

 Just because SEO isn’t that much important in social media marketing doesn’t mean that it’s not at all important, right?

Writing appropriate keywords in your description holds the key to you getting explored. What does mean by exploding the platform should know what this content is about?

You should always lay out a plan for perfect keyword research as well. Just because it’s not the most important thing doesn’t mean it’s not at all important.

6. Create an inventory of content

The best practice before you start posting anything is to make an inventory of content. You should at least have a week’s content in prior in order to not miss dates.

Because consistency is the key in content marketing. You have to be consistent in posting you should post daily you should be relevant.

And that’s where the inventory of content comes into the picture.

If you’re starting a social media journey always remember that if you have posted if you have videos prior it’s always easier to post them with the perfect description rather than making them and posting them in hurry.

Make an inventory and then go all buzz in. social media is crucial to any company in today’s world. It sets the tone for your brand and it sets the tone for your company.

No matter what size of the brand you are social media marketing is what you always going to need going ahead in marketing.

So these are the best social media marketing strategies to develop your brand effectively.

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