What is Social Listening: 5 Social Media Listening Tools to Use

Do you want to know what is social listening, its benefits, disadvantages, its importance and, much more. So in this blog, we will discuss all these things to clear your all doubts.

Have you ever wondered what your audience is talking about you and whether is it good or bad?


Social listening has been increasingly popular as social media has become popular. 3.78 billion People are on social media.

And you know what that means 3.78 potential users for your product. and if done right 3.78 billion people can help your brand, how that’s the major question?

Hi everyone in this blog we’ll be discussing the fastest growing marketing method social listening.

In this blog, we’ll figure out what is social listening and how can you use social listening to exponentially grow your business, and what are the top 5 tools to utilize social listening.

What is Social Listening?

Social listening is monitoring and analyzing the conversations that you’re having on social media that your customers are having on social media news reviews blog posts podcasts so on and so forth.

And analyzing this conversation will give you a wide perspective on how your brand is working and how certain products are working.

It gives you actionable insights into the image of the brand that you have created.

And it also gives you knowledge about the competitor’s marketing approach and what they are doing and how their products are working in the market as well.

You also have the knowledge about the people launching new products in your niche which is immensely important.

Social Media Monitoring

While social monitoring is the collecting of data on social media or the conversations on social media reviews YouTube blog posts so on and so forth.

Social listening is a step further. Takes a wider holistic towards this approach, an approach of extracting conversation and analyzing it.

Not just analyzing it experiencing it knowing the empathy knowing the emotion of the customers what people are talking about.

Because at the end of the day you want your customer to feel that they are hurt they are taken care of we are listening and that’s the most important thing.

Why do you think we listen to the comment and reply to each and every comment? That is because we want you to feel cared about we want to take care of you we want to give our knowledge.

And when you are in that process you need to have empathy and that’s what social listening is sort of about.

You have to extract the conversations from social media blog posts reviews whatever you’re putting out there and make sure you analyze the conversations that people are having.

Why Social Listening is so important

Now you would say why it is so important here’s why. When the brand launches RETRO SET 1, People’s reactions:

  • This brand just launched a new product and it is as outdated as outdated gets.
  • I really need to post something outdated as af posted.
  • What is this product for the 1950s or what?
  • Oh, no dude this brand really needs to up their game we are not in the 1920s now.
  • The only thing that I am buying from this brand is the confidence to launch the shitty products.

But the Brand does not listen and launches the same type of product then people’s reactions:

  • Hey guys our brand is back with another retro product you love it done.
  • What? not again dude don’t delete comments holy moly this brand just doesn’t listen.

Hey guys we are just launching the third set of retro products you will love it posted. This is exactly what happens when you don’t listen to your customer.

You’re launching the products your customers don’t care about. Gone are those days when customers used to judge your brand only for the products now they judge you for more than that.

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Do these things for Social Listening

Nowadays audience prefers much more than a product. They want to be heard they want to be taken care of after all the business is all about the customer’s rights.

And yes they want you to prove it and all the brands all around the world are getting customer-centric.

The conversations have increased people are increased just in terms of talking with their customers. And this is where you need to go building a positive relationship with your customers.

Follow up on the sales lead and make sure you resolve maximum complaint issues raised by the customer.

Become part of the customers make sure you use your product so you have the knowledge of what kind of problems the customers might face and let them know that you listen to them.

Disadvantages of Social Listening

  • And while doing this one of the biggest disadvantages of social listening is don’t take each and every comment to your heart.
  • Social media is an immensely good place but at the same time, there are so many hatred comments. So make sure you know how to bifurcate real criticism and the hatred comment.
  • The idea is to make your presence sort their queries that’s it. And if you do this for a longer time it will stand you apart from the other competitors that you have.
  • Just make sure that you create that trust in the customers and these are all the intangible benefits of social listening.

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What to do for Social Listening

Let’s find some measurable ones now so when you listen and respond to them make sure you do this as well.

1. Start building community

When you start building community people want to be part of that community because you are giving them an immense amount of knowledge value I feel good factor that they are a part of this company.

2. Make smoother paths for your customers to put an order. Nobody wants a lengthy part to do anything even successful. Nowadays and why would they choose a lengthy part just to order stuff from you?

3. Identify and follow up on leads call them make sure you personalize the conversation.

4. Find user-generated content testimonials review put it out as content make sure you interview your customers the most loyal ones.

5. Get insights about the product and services you are selling.

6. Take insights from customers’ originated ideas, one of the best things one brand did was they took the design from the customers themselves. And they just sold it as a product what an amazing idea.

The customers felt like they are part of the company they feel valued their designs were out there to sell what can be the biggest gift anyone can have than this.

7. Get their opinions before launching your product

How can this help their life what is the status quo of that product so on and so forth interact with your audience? Talk has a given session call them out have an Instagram live so on and so forth. There are so many mediums for you to talk with your customers utilize one.

8. Improve your strategy and advertisement

Cannot explain it further you know it. And with number eight make sure you have a positive impact on the customers that you are selling your product.

Always stay ahead of your competition and make sure you are empathic towards your customers. Social listening is all about boosting customer support and making sure that your customers are taken care of.

The more customer-centric is the company the better chances are for that company to grow immensely.

5 Social Listening Tools

And before we go we promise you the five tools that will help you with social listening, those five tools are.

1. SproutSocial

2. Hootsuite

3. Buffer

4. SocialPilot

5. Later

Hope you liked this blog and was filled with immense knowledge for you as well. Hope you got to learn something from.

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