SEO Tips For Beginners: 11+ Tips to Boost Traffic

Are you looking for the best tips and tricks of SEO for beginners and want to use these tips on your website for first-page ranking on google?

So, Hello friends, In this blog post we’ll be talking about the tips and tricks of SEO for beginners so that you can rank on top of the Google search results.


SEO has changed a lot in recent times as compared to the earlier ones. Does it mean it has become more complicated or the old system is not working right now?

Well, that is not true does it mean that it has evolved? Absolutely yes has it become more technical well yes but if you are in this for the long run then you have nothing to worry about.

Because SEO is not one nighter you have to be willing to stick it to the game constantly.

That’s because a good SEO strategy and constant improvement or involvement in tips and tricks of SEO are how you can achieve success in SEO ranking.

And that’s why we have brought these tips and tricks of SEO for beginners in four parts so that you can rank highly on Google.

And those four tips of SEO are:

1. Keyword optimizing tip

2. Content optimizing tip

3. Website optimizing tip

4. Bcklinking tips.

So let’s see top tips and tricks 0f SEO for beginners so that you can rank on top of the Google search results.

1. Keyword Optimization

The keyword planner helps you in researching keywords for your search campaigns.

It gives you the benefit of discovering new keywords monthly researches organize your keywords and also helps you in creating campaigns as well.

The most important thing to keep in mind while using a keyword planner is it provides you with keyword targeting campaign performances and so on and so forth.

Now you can see two options by which we can search which word we shall go for. First is discovered keywords it is to make sure we reach people that are interested in our product.

Once you tap in here you have a bunch of options just type one of those that you’re looking for and search for it as we did.

These are the actual amount of keywords that you can actually choose, your blog post is cool right?

So easy now next one is to get search volume and forecast it’s to know how will the words used might perform.

Again tap on it write or paste the keywords that you want to search it of course I’ve used the less word you can use more to see the competition it lesser the better.

2. Content Optimization

So, the next tips for SEO for beginners are content optimization.

1. Niche will make you rich

 That’s what they say. and they are right because if you have one particular niche and you talk about one particular niche every now and then people will follow you and trust you in that particular niche.

But if you have a general niche that you write about this and this then people are likely to have this confusion about what this page is related to or what this page or this website wants to talk about.

Well if you want to write everything about basketball, write everything about basketball you don’t want to write a blog about that for a Hollywood movie right?

Because people are not there for that. Imagine you’re going clothes shopping and going to a basketball store to buy a basketball.

Well, that’s completely wrong destination right that’s why you have to establish your one niche.

2. Create content that demolishes all the queries

It should be thoroughly explained with all the bases covered and most importantly it should be simple and easy to read.

Why because people like simple stuff when it is hard. if it is technical you like simple stuff to be explained with examples.

That’s how the human brain works. And if we make sure that when people come to our website and they get an immense amount of information and knowledge people are more likely to come back.

So make sure when people live from your website they must live with satisfaction and an appreciation for your hard work. Always do your research and put out the most valuable content on your website.

 3. Using modifiers in your content

This is what I call power words. The research has shown that people are more likely to click on the articles which have like most weaved top five verified the easiest way awesome.

These words are included because people are more likely to click on your article what the research has suggested.

And here’s the psychology and this whole stuff you should always make your description so appealing that people can’t resist clicking on your link.

We have covered all the technical parts like oh use this keyword search for this keyword search here plan this strategy all the things are well and good.

But if you don’t know how to play with the psychology of people’s mindsets then you’re going to lag somewhere on the other when it comes to SEO.

Because you should always be willing to make your article appealing to others. How can you give so much information with fewer words or less time?

How can you do this how can you do that? That’s how you can make modifiers work in your favor. If you are a beginner, then these SEO tips will help you to rank on top of the Google search results.

4. Invite your niche-related people

Invite your niche-related people to talk about your blog or write with your blog or rate your blog. It’s always good to collaborate before you compete.

And when you start inviting people from your niche to talk about certain topics you not only gain good reach but you tell your people that you have knowledge about that field.

And you have knowledge about the people who are constantly working in that field. This is where trust comes into the picture.

Because people know that these people have knowledge about that niche.

And when those people come to your blog or your website to talk about those certain topics they know that you know everything about this niche

And you are willing to go to other people’s to make you knowledgeable or give information to the people that are reading these articles.

5. Update your content constantly

The last content optimization tip would be for you to update your content constantly.

Every now and then no matter if you have posted content a year before you should always keep updating or write an appealing description every now and then on that particular article.

We are so involved or so distracted or so constrained towards the number that getting richer getting more clicks and so on and so forth.

That we don’t forget that we have written some very beautiful articles related to a particular niche or related to a particular topic that people should know or that people should read.

And they should get information that can be very useful to them.

And that’s why we should always keep updating our previous content and previous articles that we have already written rather than just following the numbers and the clicks and all the other stuff coming into the action.

3. Website Optimization

The next tips for SEO for beginners are website optimization.

1. URLs

Keep them short and use the keywords in your URL. Adding keywords that have been searched by you for a particular niche from semrush or all the other tools.

Always makes sure that you use those keywords in the URL as well. That’s it make sure you don’t overload the URL with a lot of keywords.

2. Mobile Friendly

Now let’s give everything and talk about the elephant in the room that means the biggest badass point in website optimization.

That is making your website accessible and easy to access on mobile phones as well. With the rapid increase in mobile users, Google is willing to convert its sites into mobile user-friendly sites.

This will impact the working and the ranking of the websites which don’t have mobile optimized data.

Google is also suggesting nowadays to make your content mobile-friendly but how would you do that it’s pretty simple.

Let’s see how to make your website as light as possible all you should do is images should be converted into resolution pictures for better visual stability and faster running of your website.

Also, images and all text should be optimized for desktop and mobile interfaces as well. Also, make sure the links provided to your blog open up easily and are linked to fast landing pages.

Navigation of your website should be responsive and super quick. And lastly, your content is easily readable not too small or too big for bare eyes.

If they will have to zoom in and zoom out every single time this soon will get irritated and might never visit your page again.

4. Backlinking

So, the next tips for SEO for beginners are backlinking. Backlinking itself is a very long topic and not everyone is doing it. And moreover, not everyone is doing it right.

  • The very first thing that I would like to suggest to you is to mention your data sources and link them with your website. It increases trust.
  • Include phrases codes statistical data research data so on and so forth. Many people tools these days to find new pages that can bring them traffic. And the chances are they might do the same for you as well.

 And the last tip is the email outreach method. Of course, the traditional outreach method is amazing but here’s a new way to do that as well.

1. Instead of writing cold emails asking for backlinks make it a give and take the deal. A give-or-take deal has more chances of them approving. So always try to make it like a proposal.

2. Ask them if you can correct something for them. If you have a brief knowledge about certain subjects make sure you can correct their websites as well.

3. Write everything about yourself or write everything that you know about that topic and make sure you write an email to them.

So these are some of the best tips and tricks of SEO for beginners so that you can rank on top of the Google search results.

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