5 Post Ideas To Get More Saves On Instagram

If are you running a business page on Instagram and want to get more saves on it, don’t worry in this blog we will discuss how to get more saves on Instagram easily.


Who doesn’t want more engagement on Instagram? Every person and brand focuses to get more likes comments and shares.

But there’s also one thing that can help you provide more reach and engagement to viewers by saving your post.

You must have seen many Instagram accounts ask their followers to save the post. There’s a reason behind it they know that saving the post can help you get more reach above your followers.

So mostly the reason for using the save is to watch the post later. Often an Instagram user is not interested in the reels or igtv or post or just doesn’t have the time.

But they still think the post is worth watching or reading later. It’s when Instagram users click the save button and it helps the creators and business accounts massively as it provides reach.

Does your post get more saves do you know how to check the saves of your posts if not then let me tell you.

If you have a business account or a creator’s account then you can check it.

To check it you can click the view insights link below the post and in case of a real first open the deal then clicks the three dots then click new insights and you’ll see the saves.

Now check these insights and see if you’re getting a good number of saves. If not then don’t worry this blog will show you the types of posts you can use to get safer.

How To Get More Saves On Instagram

 As explained earlier you’ll get more saves on Instagram as a viewer considers the post very important and helpful.

So whatever you post needs to be useful for your target audience. There are a few types of posts on which Instagram gets more saves.

Let’s see these types and understand why these posts get more saves.

1. Tutorial and step-by-step navigation reel

The tutorial is one that explains what something is or how to do something. No matter which niche you are in you can create Instagram reals like this.

It can be anything like explaining how to create a graphic how to remove the background on a picture or even how to make a delicious pizza.

With this, you can also create trees to explain a process step by step.

For example step by step explanation of how to clean up your PC.

The reason for this post getting more saves on Instagram is that viewers consider it useful. But they are not currently able to apply this information hence they save it for later.

As a viewer see a pizza tutorial on a weekday and they save it for the weekend and at the weekend they may again watch the tutorial to actually make the recipe.

2. Provide List Posts to get Saves on Instagram

 The next way to get more saves on Instagram is by providing a list. You may have seen those types of posts or reels where a user shows unique websites for a specific purpose or best books on a particular topic.

These types of posts receive many saves as users consider a tool or website worth using later or a book worth reading.

Although keep in mind that books and tools are just examples you can create these types of reels no matter what your niche is.

For example, if your Instagram account is related to fitness you can create a real or post like five high protein foods.

If your account is related to digital marketing you can create a really like five free digital marketing courses.

3. Detailed Posts

Now the next is detailed posts as I explained at the start people tend to save a post because of time.

If the post is worth giving time to but they don’t actually have the time immediately they will save that post.

But for this, the Instagram post needs to be detailed and for that, you can do two things either create a carousel post or post just a single relatable picture and use a caption to explain the image.

Both these types of posts have higher chances of getting more saves. You can also repurpose your blog and make it a carousel poster with the text info in the caption.

You can check national Geographic’s Instagram account and see the detailed caption they post to get more inspiration for this.

4. Infographics

Infographics are visual representations of data it’s like explaining information with the help of visually appealing graphics.

This graphic helps a person understand something in less or no words and hence that kind of post tends to get more saves on Instagram for viewers.

This infographic could be anything like explaining the statistics or creating a timeline graphic.

To make this type of post what you need is a tool its great if you have knowledge of graphic designing tools like adobe illustrator or Inkscape.

But if you don’t have any knowledge of it it’s still okay you can use tools like canva which may not need any graphic designing knowledge.

If you want to understand how this infographic will look, you can check Instagram accounts like at the rate, grass, or blog.

5. Create Quotes Post to get Instagram Saves

And now the last is quotes who doesn’t love codes we all do as it helps to motivate us. But not just motivation they can also help you get more reach as they give you many clicks on the save button.

Quotes are the ones people tend to read more than once. and hence they save them if it appeals to them.


So these are the 5 types of posts that you should go for to get more saves on Instagram. And also you can increase followers on Instagram.

Keep in mind posting these types of posts doesn’t guarantee success before posting is better that you study your target audience and then post relevant content that your viewers will consider worth watching and then eventually save it.

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