Top 10 Profitable Pinterest Niche Ideas to Make Money

Are you looking for the top profitable Pinterest niche ideas to make money online on Pinterest? In this blog, we will see the top 10 best Pinterest niche ideas to make money easily.

Which Niche is Best for Pinterest?

Looking for some good niche ideas for Pinterest? Maybe you’re wondering what the biggest niche on Pinterest is.

Lots of niche talk and especially if you’re trying to become a more profitable pinner. That means using Pinterest for a niche that’s actually going to bring you income.

Here and in this video, I’m going to share with you 10 profitable Pinterest niches you want to consider to help you start actually making some money with Pinterest.

What is a Niche on Pinterest?

But first, what exactly is a niche on Pinterest? So, Pinterest categorizes niches as categories.

So, they don’t use the term niche, they use categories and there are around 20 top categories of content on Pinterest.

This is how they understand and catalog all the pins that have been shared on the platform.

So, anytime you upload a pin to Pinterest, Pinterest will categorize your content.

What Makes a Niche Profitable on Pinterest?

So, you might be wondering what exactly makes a niche profitable on Pinterest.

So, we’re going to be looking at a couple of factors but the number one is that profitability with Pinterest often comes with interest. that means search volume.

So, niches that have a higher search volume that means more people are on the platform searching for keywords within that category.

Following accounts within that category, that’s going to make it the most profitable because the truth of the matter is even if you have amazing content.

Even if you have an amazing funnel and products and a way to earn money on Pinterest, if you’re not in a niche or category that has a lot of search volume, it can be a struggle to grow your account and actually make money on Pinterest.

So, that’s why it’s a great idea to even figure out what are the most profitable niches because I’m not suggesting that if you’re in a niche or category that’s not on this list or is lower down that you change niches.

Instead, I’m suggesting that you find a way to make your potentially very niche or very small category of search volume topics more searchable.

And more profitable by finding ways to incorporate aspects of more profitable niches into your content.

Top Tools for Finding Profitable Niches on Pinterest?

And there are tools on Pinterest that you can get access to with a business account that is going to help you to figure out what are the more profitable niches.

What more profitable topics and categories can I incorporate into my content? Let’s take a look at them.

1. Pinterest Trends

So, when looking for the most profitable niches, I would encourage you to check out Pinterest Trends.

On the homepage of Pinterest Trends, we will see that they’re identifying fashion, food and drinks, beauty, home decor, and travel as the most searched categories of content on Pinterest.

2. Audience Insights

Another place I encourage you to check out is audience insights.

Within audience insights, we can see a list of the top 20 categories of content on Pinterest in order of percentage of the audience that’s actually interested in these categories.

3. Pinterest Predicts

I would also encourage you to check out Pinterest Predicts which lists the top upcoming trends based on the number of categories.

4. Incognito Browser

the fourth place to check is the explore ideas page of Pinterest in an incognito browser it’s going lists all the different categories and niches on Pinterest.

Top 10 Profitable Pinterest Niche Ideas to Make Money

Now, it’s time to dive into those top ten profitable Pinterest niches and I’m going to show you examples of accounts that have over 10 million views and are killing it when it comes to Pinterest marketing.

1. Art and Design Pinterest Niche

 So, our number one most profitable niche is art and design.

So, art and design are drawing, painting, illustrations, all of that but it also includes tattoo designing, photography, ceramics, and street art.

There’s so much under the art and design category. It’s the most searched on Pinterest.

Under art and design where you also are including nail art that’s also really popular for art and design.

2. Home Decor

So number two is actually home decor and in a niche, I’m actually adding in gardening.

So, the home decor includes everything from your kitchen cabinets to your bathroom to your dining, living room, and furniture.

There is so much content on Pinterest all about home decor and it’s just beautiful.

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3. Food and Drinks

 Number three; the most profitable niche on Pinterest is food and drinks.

So, there are a lot of food and drink recipes on Pinterest. It’s one of the top reasons why people use it.

They’re looking for what to cook, anything from drink recipes to breakfast, dessert, and dinner recipes. There are so many food pins on Pinterest.

One of the best on Pinterest for food is Tastemade.

They’ve got so much amazing content that’s all about food and it’s an account that we can definitely aspire to in terms of how to be profitable on Pinterest.

4. Celebrations and Holidays

So the number four most profitable niche on Pinterest is celebrations and within this, I’m including holidays, event planning, weddings, and even gift ideas.

So holidays are a really big driver of traffic on Pinterest. That’s everything from Easter to Christmas to the Fourth of July.

There’s so much going on but this also includes planning for weddings. These are also events and celebrations.

So a really great account is Wedding Forward. They’re really doing amazing work in this profitable niche of weddings and events.

So also event planning I would include within this category of content. Number four it’s a huge one.

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5. Fashion, Hair Care, and Beauty

For number five we’ve got fashion, hair care, and beauty. I’m grouping these all together because it’s a style for women and men.

So, beauty is a really large niche on Pinterest and in grouping in that, that’s hair, makeup, skincare, nails, and even men’s beauty but there’s also, of course, fashion for men and women.

So, a really amazing account that’s got over 10 million views on Pinterest and that is profitable is Fashion Activation.

This an amazing account worth checking out especially if you’re looking for a way to be profitable in the fashion, beauty, or hair care Niche.

6. DIY (Do It Yourself) Pinterest Niche

So for number six, we’ve got DIY and arts and crafts. So for this, we’re talking about the art of making it yourself, the art of creation.

DIY and crafts are a huge niche.

So whether we’re talking about accessories, DIY events, fabric cloths, sewing, and kid’s crafts, there are so many different ways for you to make this DIY and arts and crafts niche profitable for you.

And it’s a great niche that you can connect to other niches like home decor, beauty, and art more generally.

So an account that’s doing really amazing is MetDaan DIY. Lots of great content.

This profile has over 10 million views on Pinterest.

7. Quotes Pinterest Niche

So for number seven, it’s quoting. Quotes are really popular on Pinterest. They are a niche for themselves. So the quotes niche is huge on Pinterest.

Everyone loves saving quotes. Everyone loves being inspired.

There are so many quotes and pins and it’s a really great way to just bring some engagement and interest to your Pinterest profile.

Someone who’s doing really amazing at this is the Amazing Me Movement.

She’s got so much content and beautiful pins and has been consistently slaying it in the quotes niche on Pinterest.

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8. Travel Pinterest Niche

So for number eight, we’ve got travel.

A lot of people use Pinterest to plan their upcoming vacations and trips who aren’t ready for their next getaway.

So that includes family destinations, road trips, camping, all of that is travel and there are a lot of very profitable affiliate programs within the travel niche.

One of those accounts that are doing great is Only in Your State.

They’ve got over 10 million monthly views and lots of amazing content about traveling within the USA.

9. Education

So the ninth most profitable niche on Pinterest is education.

So although this page makes it seem that education is all about school or homeschooling or kids. It’s not.

The education niche also includes topics like business and personal development which is my own niche.

So, education is about more than classrooms and school and an account that’s doing really great is the Minds Journal.

They’ve got over 10 million monthly views and they’re sharing really great content.

This is a profitable niche for them.

10. Health and Wellness

So, the tenth most profitable niche on Pinterest is health, fitness, and wellness.

So, we are talking about anything from healthy living tips to exercising and fitness but also wellness and wholeness on a larger scale.

We’re also including in this mental health, and emotional well-being. So, all of these topics help us to live healthier, fuller, and better lives.

There are so many accounts that are doing really well for this niche more so than finance.

So, an account that’s doing great is Diary of a Fit Mom LLC. Definitely worth checking out.


So, those are the top 10 most profitable Pinterest Niche Ideas to make money on Pinterest.

I do encourage you if you’re ready for a way to make your niche that maybe wasn’t on this list. Perhaps you’re in vehicles, architecture, or even parenting and pets.

Maybe you’re in finance and you’re like, why isn’t mine on this list? What do I do? So, what I encourage you to do is to tie your less profitable niche to a higher one.

So, say, for example, you’re in finance. You could create content that’s all about budgeting or affording and saving for your wedding.

You could even do posts on saving for education or for a new wardrobe or home decor and buying and affording high-end art.

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