10 Ways to Increase Outbound Clicks On Pinterest


Are you confused about how to get more outbound clicks on your Pinterest? In this blog, we will discuss 10 ways to get more clicks on Pinterest.

How do you get more outbound clicks on Pinterest? Do you want to boost your traffic to your website by boosting your clicks on Pinterest? Let’s get that click-through rate up.

So, in this blog, I’m going to share with you 10 ways that you can get more clicks from Pinterest but speaking of clicks, what exactly do I mean?

What are Outbound Clicks on Pinterest?

So, when we’re looking at our Pinterest analytics, there are two types of clicks. One is a pin click where someone clicks on your pin and it enlarges.

This is formally known as the close-up in analytics but the types of clicks that we want for our outbound clicks.

So, that’s when someone clicks on your pin and goes to your website. So, whether that’s your blog, your shop, your podcast, or wherever.

These are the types of clicks that we want because more clicks to your website mean you’re increasing the odds of getting more subscribers, and more sales for your affiliate products.

You know how it works. You’re going to make that money by increasing your clicks.

10 Ways to Increase Outbound Clicks On Pinterest

So, here are 10 ways for you to get more outbound clicks from Pinterest. I’m going to help you boost these numbers.

1. Create Seasonal Content

 So, the number one way is to get more outbound clicks on Pinterest to create seasonal content. That’s because seasonal content has a sense of urgency.

So, when someone in your audience sees your seasonal pin, they’re going to click on it right away.

So, think of it this way, would you get more outbound clicks on a generic post about creating an outfit or if you created a post about creating summer outfits for the summer, right?

It’s because you’re giving the people what they want when they want it and a key to creating seasonal content is that you want to get started early.

So, think a couple of months ahead. So, 60 days from now, what are people going to want from you and start creating that content now?

2. New Pins for Best Content

Okay, the second way to get more outbound clicks on Pinterest is also a very easy win for you. You can do this right now.

You’re going to design new pins for your best pieces of content.

So, what are your top blog posts for clicks? What are your top products? What’s selling? What are people already clicking on, okay? Then, go and create more pins for that content.

It’s not a hard thing to do. You can easily design some fresh pins and start pinning them. You always want to continue boosting your top content.

So, to find your top-performing pieces of content, you’re going to go to your Pinterest analytics, make sure you click on your domain only.

And you can actually scroll down and then you can sort by outbound clicks and these are your top pieces of content here.

So, go and design new pins for the top 10 and spread those out over the next few weeks and a few months and see how quickly you can start getting more clicks to your content.

3. Don’t Give It All Away

The third way to get more outbound clicks from Pinterest is to not give it all away in the pin.

So, what do I mean by this? You got to remember the pins you’re designing.

There are teasers, even a trailer if it’s a video pin for your content, your product, your podcast episodes, your videos, your blog posts, or whatever it is that you want someone to visit on your website or on your channels.

The pin is just the teaser. So, you don’t want to give it all away.

That’s why infographics usually have the lowest click-through rate for any type of pin. People are more likely to save them.

They have no reason to click because you’ve given it all away, right? Another type of pin that typically has a lot of saves is quote pins like yeah, they’re great.

People love to save them but people don’t usually click on them. So, remember you want to get the click don’t give it all away on the pin image okay so let’s keep going.

4. Tell With Text

So the fourth way to your outbound clicks on Pinterest is to tell with text. So, that simply means you’re going to add text to your pins.

Don’t rely just on images. I know you’ve got beautiful images especially if you’re in travel or lifestyle or home decor.

These types of images, they’re beautiful but you’re going to want to add text just like our previous example. Text is what’s really going to bring the click.

People love to save pretty images but it’s really the teaser text on your pin image that is going to secure you more clicks to your site.

So, just make sure you’re being clear and you’re telling people what exactly they’re going to get when they click over to your website.

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5. Add a Call to Action

 Speaking of text, our fifth way to get outbound clicks on Pinterest is to add a call to action to the pin image. So what’s a call to action? A call to action is like clicking here. Buy now. Save for later.

By having a call to action, you’re telling the pinner exactly what to do. So if you want them to click here tell them to click here.

So, start adding a click here to some of your pins if you have product pins.

You can even add a buy now, shop now; those types of calls to action are going to increase the clicks to your pin.

So, find a creative way to do it that looks really good with your pin design.

6. Make Your Pin Images Longer

So, the sixth way to get more outbound clicks on Pinterest is to make your pin images longer. So, I don’t want to see any of your header images or even your square Instagram images on Pinterest.

Pinterest images should be longer. That means that they are vertical images and there’s a practical reason for this.

85 percent of Pinterest users are on their mobile devices. So by creating longer images, guess what?

You take up more of the screen and you’re going to increase the odds of getting the click as opposed to a tiny image that barely takes up any space.

Also, longer pins are in line with Pinterest practices which state that pins should be 1,000 by 1,500 pixels and, of course, if you’re creating idea pins, they’re going to be in that nine by 16 ratio, okay?

So, make sure your pins are longer. Make your pins pretty. Make sure they take up space. Alright and on the topic of designing pins.

7. Create Video Pins

Our next way to get more outbound clicks on Pinterest is to create video pins.

Have you been designing video pins? Do you know what a video pin is? So, video pins are great because of the movement.

Our eyes are automatically drawn to the movement on our screens. One can say we’re programmed that way.

That means your video pins have a better chance of getting clicks than your standard image pins that have absolutely no movement at all.

So, be sure to also start designing some video pins in the mix. Videos get more clicks. So, think about it.

What video pins can you design for your content and how can you increase your clicks, okay?

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8. Make Idea Pins

The eighth way to get more outbound clicks to your website on Pinterest is actually to make idea pins. Yes, I know.

I idea pins don’t have links. Although there’s a rumor, they might have links soon.

I’ll let you know about that once I know about that, okay? But the great thing about creating idea pins is that they increase the engagement on your profile overall.

So, sure your idea pins might not have links but, what’s amazing about them is that when you start creating them, the overall engagement increases.

So, that means your standard pins and your video pins will also start getting more interaction and more outbound clicks to your site.

So, that’s a great reason for you to start experimenting with idea pins.

You can start by designing one a week and do that consistently and if you can, do two or three per week these idea pins are a great way to wake up your account and start to get things growing, alright?

9. Use More Items or Photos

The ninth way to get more outbound clicks to your Pinterest website is to use more items or photos, okay? So, do you have a product? Are you showing how to create something?

Is your content a tutorial? So, you want to make sure you have more than one image, okay? So, just adding text can increase the clicks.

Having more images like a collage showing before and after, breaking down the steps.

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10. Write Catchy Pin Titles

So, the tenth way to increase your clicks on Pinterest is to write a catchy pin title.

Pin titles appear right below the pin image or video in search results and sometimes, if it’s a choice between one pin and another, a catchy pin title is all it takes to secure the click.

So, be sure to include emotional and energetic work in your pin titles, even things like free, the best like life-changing, or crazy simple.

These terms that spark an emotional response raise the odds of getting the click.


That’s 10 ways for you to get more outbound clicks with Pinterest. Honestly, my number one pick is seasonal content.

It’s great especially if you’re struggling to come up with new ideas for what content you can create.

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