How to Optimize Your Instagram Bio

If you are confused about how to optimize Instagram bio effectively that attract an audience then you are at the right place.

In this blog post, we will share some useful tips to optimize your Instagram bio to skyrocket growth.

So let’s see some easy steps to follow and make your Instagram profile cool that attracts most of the audience easily and then convert them with your followers.


We all know that our generation is very creative. Every day we see some unexpected usernames and bio on different social media platforms.

I’m sure if anyone will ask you to suggest a creative bio then you will not hesitate to give them 10 good suggestions.

But when you try to write a good bio for your business account you may feel lost. To win the SEO war you will have to optimize each content from bio to captions.

And if you already know this fact and are trying to optimize the bio but failing at it then this blog post is for you.

I will tell you how you can reach a wider audience by improvising your Instagram bio.

If you are stepping into the social media world for earning optimizing all the social media accounts should be your first goal.

Here we are going to tell you how to optimize the Instagram bio in just a few minutes.

What is Instagram Bio

Initially, Instagram was a platform for sharing selfies. But in the last two or three years, it has turned into a source of earning.

Now everyone wants to be an influencer. But the sad truth is only a few are succeeding. Social media works on algorithms and if you are going to establish yourself as a brand or if you want your brand to reach the right audience you will have to understand the algorithms.

Whatever you write on your social media should be according to the algorithms. You might be thinking okay fine I know the algorithms.

But Instagram bio is just a place where you can write only 150 characters. How can those 150 characters impact the brand?

If you think about this let me tell you that those 150 characters can easily make or break your brand. Now let’s understand what Instagram bio is and why it matters so much.

Whenever someone clicks on your account the first thing that he sees is your Instagram bio. An Instagram bio plays a crucial role in establishing your brand presence.

It shows people who you are and what you sell. You can also use the same space to tell them why they should care about your business and its offering.

The bio gives you only 150 characters. It is hard to concise all the details so you have to utilize those 150 characters very wisely.

Optimizing the bio is the first step in creating a professional account. Still, the irony is that almost 90 percent of users have no idea how to optimize a good Instagram bio.

How to Optimize Your Instagram Bio

1. Use Tags of your Profile Name

Number one you might have seen the names of the profiles which include the professional tag as well. People use titles like content writer, copywriter, designer, etc.

Now the question is why they use such tags with their names. The reason behind the tag is straightforward.

Whenever we search for something new we write the keyword in the search bar and the Instagram algorithm shows us the top results who have prioritized the same keyword.

So if you want to reach a broader audience in just one click you should use the main keywords or your professional tag in your profile name.

2. Make Instagram Bio Impressive

Point number two Instagram bio is the first impression of your brand. After reading the Instagram bio people decide to follow or unfollow your brand.

Based on your Instagram bio people determine whether you are the right person to serve them or not.

A strong Instagram bio explains what your business does and who it’s for also known as your target audience.

Write crisp and concise details of your business or brand in just 150 characters. The first impression should be clear and explained.

3. Use Emoji to Your Instagram Bio

Point number three you can use emojis to your Instagram bio to space out and highlight your brand details. Emojis grab attention quickly and make the written content visually appealing.

You might have seen the separation symbol like a slash in bios that separation symbol separates the details.

So if you provide multiple services then you don’t need to write complete sentences. You can easily separate them by the slash symbol.

4. Use Exact Keywords

Point number four uses the exact keywords in your Instagram profile bio. Using keywords will not enhance your visibility while searching but the right keywords let you connect with like-minded people.

Including your branded hashtag in your bio is also a great way to get your followers into a habit of using it. Now the best benefit is that users can now follow your hashtags on Instagram.

When your branded hashtags get a good number of likes and followers your brand presence is automatically enhanced.

5. Use a call to action

Point number five uses a call to action while connecting the link in the Instagram bio. People click on links only when they feel that they are getting something good from them.

Hence adding links is not enough to grasp the clicks. If you want more visitors to your website you will have to drop a call to action.


If you follow these steps then you can easily reach the broader target audience. Don’t forget for many businesses a compelling Instagram profile can be more valuable than a website.

Through a website, people must come to you but Instagram lets you go to the people. Start by optimizing your Instagram profile including your handle profile picture bio and link.

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