Instagram vs LinkedIn: Which One is Better for Your Business

Hell0 guys, the question is clear to find Instagram vs LinkedIn which is better for business. If you are a little confused let me help you in this matter.

Read the following terms about Instagram vs LinkedIn to understand which social media platform is much better for your business.


We all know social media has become an essential part of our personal lives.

It means that most of us use social media daily in our lives and for brands, it’s a great platform to socialize with their target audience.

Market their product and even sell it. There are a lot of social media platforms a brand can use.

Facebook has been the most popular platform for several years for brands but because of the constant decrease in engagement on the platform made Facebook less effective now.

But at the same time, two platforms are constantly growing Instagram and LinkedIn.

These platforms could be an excellent choice for the brand as their target audience must be using this. But which of them is the best for your business let’s understand this in detail.

Aim of Instagram and LinkedIn

To understand which is better you have to understand the aim of both of these platforms. Instagram is a platform with the aim of connecting people with each other.

The platform is primarily an image-sharing site but now it’s a place where people can connect and brands can introduce their products to them.

LinkedIn is very different when it comes to the aim of the site. LinkedIn is not considered as casual as Instagram and has a very professional-looking conversation on the platform.

The main aim here is not just to connect people but professionals. Hence you’ll mostly see people here talking about their job and the field they’re working in.

In addition, it’s also a platform where people look for job opportunities.

After understanding the aim of both platforms you may have an impression that LinkedIn is way better than Instagram but that may not be true.

Because both platforms have different aims the audience’s behavior on both platforms is different.

So which is a better platform depends on who your target audience is more specifically it depends on if your potential customer is a business or an individual.

If your business is b2b then LinkedIn could be way better than Instagram. But if your business is b2c Instagram can give you way more opportunities.

But wait before deciding to focus on one of these platforms let’s see other things too.

Instagram and LinkedIn Demographics

Now we understand the audience on both platforms let’s see the number of users on both of these platforms.

As per what LinkedIn claims they have more than 800 million users on their platform and this is a huge number but not as huge as Instagram.

Instagram consists of more than 1.4 billion users this number is close to double the number of LinkedIn users.

If you look at the age range of users on both platforms most Instagram users are between 25 to 34 years which is around 31.5 percent of total users.

The next biggest group on Instagram is 18 to 24 which around 30.1 percent of total users is. So people between the age of 18 to 34 sum up more than 60 of the total users.

On the other hand, LinkedIn users’ ages range from 25 to 34 which is a whopping 59.1 percent of the dual users.

If we see the user’s countries Instagram users are primarily from India the United States and Brazil and LinkedIn users are primarily from the United States India and china.

LinkedIn users are 57.2 male and 42.8 female which makes it a majority male platform.

On the other hand, Instagram has 50.7 males and 49.3 females which means the number of both males and females is almost the same.

There was a reason for showing you these statistics these statistics can help you make a better decision on where to focus and how to promote your brand to the audience.

It can help you check if the platform’s demographic matches your buyer’s persona or not.

Features of Instagram and LinkedIn

Now after seeing these statistics let’s see the features they provide to the audience now when it comes to features Instagram is a king of it.

Posts Feature

You’ll not find these number of features anywhere it consists of stories standard posts igtv where you can upload lengthy videos and reels where you can upload short videos.

LinkedIn, on the other hand, doesn’t have that many features it allows text posts, posts with images and video add polls, and can even add website links which you can’t do on Instagram.

Where you can only add links in bio or stories but not posts. But even if LinkedIn has fewer features there’s one thing where LinkedIn is better and that’s the organic reach of the post.

Your post can get a lot of likes reactions and comments but on Instagram until and unless you have a good following the organic reach could be difficult.

However, the real feature may give you good organic reach.

Business Page

Talking about other things Instagram gives you the option to create a business page and LinkedIn gives you the option to create a Business page.

A Business page can post images videos polls and even jobs, on the other hand, Instagram business pages are posts in all types of posts.

In addition, the Instagram page can even sell products with the help of Instagram shopping features which can be one significant advantage if you are selling any physical product.


Talking about ads, ads are essential for brands as they help give brands some extra reach. Fortunately, both these platforms allow ads but the significant difference here is that Instagram ads are considered cheaper than LinkedIn ads.

However, LinkedIn ads may turn out to be more effective. After understanding all the differences and similarities between both platforms you can decide where to focus.

However, it is always better to focus on both platforms as they have huge potential.

Instagram vs LinkedIn which one is better

The reason why Instagram and LinkedIn have become so popular is due to the fact that they allow brands to interact with their target audience in person on a daily basis, if not weekly in fact, at least once or twice per week.

These are not only people who are looking for something specific but also people who are looking for something specific about your brand or product.

So if you’re an online store you can’t really ignore it any longer, and this is where other platforms come into play like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

With Instagram and LinkedIn there are no restrictions on what content you can post or post individual posts but there are some things that remain constant when using these platforms.

Instagram is a platform that has millions of users and it’s currently the most popular platform for brand marketers while LinkedIn is the most popular platform for your target audience.

If you are a brand looking for an effective strategy in social media then you need to look at Instagram and LinkedIn.

Real Differences between LinkedIn vs Instagram

Both platforms have similar features but there are some differences between the two.

Instagram is a platform that lets you post photos and videos every day while LinkedIn allows you to post photos on a weekly basis.

To start with, Instagram allows users to share their photos from any device with the hashtag.

If they want to share their pictures on the app which “takes a lot of time” and it’s also extremely useful for brands as they can share pictures from their mobile devices like android phones, smartphones, tablets, etc.

This feature also allows them to add hashtags like #brand or #marketing so that your posts will be more visible on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

LinkedIn is mainly used by professional brands as they can utilize this tool when they need to do some research or when they need help in finding more information about their business.

So these are some real Instagram vs LinkedIn points to differentiate which one is better for your business.

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