Instagram Reels Bonus in India: Step-by-Step Guide

Hello friends, If you are looking for Instagram’s new feature, Instagram Reels Bonus, and don’t know how to setup. This blog will show how to set up an Instagram reel bonus and earn money easily.


Finally guys Instagram reels bonus launched in India. Now you can earn money by posting reels on Instagram.

As much as your reel video gets views you will earn more and more money by reels.

So we will talk and explain in this blog what are the steps to get Instagram reel bonuses without any problems.

What is an Instagram Reels Bonus

As Instagram came with a new feature called Instagram Reels bonus, If you are a creator on Instagram and want to earn money through your content then this feature is for you.

Instagram Reels Bonus is launched in India and USA and if you are from one of these countries you can earn money through reel bonuses.

When you are invited by Instagram to get paid by creating reel content on Instagram, you will earn money through this Instagram Play Bonus feature.

How Do I Activate Instagram Reels Play Bonus

1. Step

Simply, when you open Instagram and you will see a bonus feature. It will show as a popup in your feed section or reels section.

On which will be written, “get paid for your next reel”. Now if you find this feature on your creator or business account you can earn money by sharing your reels.

Now if you publish reels on Instagram then this will generate money and you will get bonuses.

2. Step

If you can’t find any popups on Instagram feeds, go to your dashboard you will see on your profile a notification of the Instagram reel play bonus.

If you find this notification then you have received an opportunity to get paid a bonus on your Instagram reels.

3. Step

If you can’t find these two options then go to your profile and you will find a professional dashboard, just click on it.

After clicking on the professional dashboard you will get a new interface. Now you will see a new feature called “Set up Bonuses”.

4. Step

If you still can’t find the Instagram reels bonus option then go to your profile and click on the three dots in the right top corner.

Now click on settings, and you will get an option called “creator” or “business” just click on it. On the top, you will find an option called Bonuses, Just click on it.

Why I Don’t Get a Bonus on Instagram

If you have not gotten the Instagram reels bonus make sure to check these points to get this feature:

  • If you have broken Instagram Policy Violations and Terms and Conditions on Your account. you will not get this feature.
  • If your content is branded content and you post brand content then you can’t get this option.
  • Your Instagram Account must be a business or creator account, not a personal account. If you have a personal account you can’t get this feature.
  • If you have better reach and more followers then you have to make patients because this feature is currently launched. It will also give you a bonus if you are eligible.

Who is Eligible for the Reels Bonus

If you are wondering who is eligible to get an Instagram Reels bonus let me tell you:

  • You must have a professional or business Instagram account, not a personal account.
  • You must have published at least 5 or more reels on your Instagram accounts in 30 days.
  • If you published copied content on your account then don’t worry you are also eligible for this play bonus feature.
  • If you don’t publish your content and only do remixes on Instagram you are also eligible for this feature.
  • If you have some fake followers but you have a good reach of your content then you also will get a play reels bonus.

How to Set Up Reels Play Bonus on Instagram

When you find out you have received the reel bonus feature now you have to set this up to get paid on Instagram. Let’s discuss how to set up and get paid by Instagram Reels Bonus.

First, click on the Reels Bonus Option and you will get the setup option. Now you have to fulfill your personal details.

1. Required Documents

If you want to get a reels bonus in India you must have these documents:

  • Bank Passbook

If you don’t have these documents don’t worry you can take documents of your family member to fulfill this requirement.

You have to fulfill this information as on your documents.

2. Second step

Now in reels play bonus, you will get an option called enter business info. In this option you have to select your country, if you are Indian you have to select India.

Next, you have to select your business type, in this, you have to select the Individual option. After filling in this information let’s go to the next step.

3. Third Step

Now you will face a new interface. In this step you have to fulfill this information:

  • Your Legal Name
  • Your Primary Address
  • Your City Name
  • State Name
  • Postal or ZIP Code
  • Mobile Number
  • Email Address
  • PAN Card Number

You have to fulfill this information correctly to get the reels play bonus. After fulfilling this now click on next and you will come to the fourth step.

4. Fourth Step

In the fourth step, you have to confirm your all legal information.

In this step you have to fill this information:

  • Legal First Name
  • Legal Middle Name
  • Legal Last Name
  • Date of Birth

5. Fifth Step

Now you have to fulfill tax information in Instagram reels bonus. Simply click on add tax info and you will get a new interface.

Now you have to fill these information:

  • First, you have to select of Individual option because you are a creator, not a business Instagram profile. Just click on Individual.
  • After that in the next option, you have to select “no”. Because you are not a US person. And click on the next button.
  • After that, you will see a full document that contains all information you had filled in. Just verify all this information and check carefully.
  • After that click on submit. Now you have submitted all the information successfully. Let’s set up a payment option.

6. Sixth Step

Now go to settings and click on creator or business. After that, you will see the bonuses option click on it.

You will see your account is eligible for an Instagram Reels bonus. Now you have to click on “Reel Play”.

Now you will see the limit threshold to complete within a month. After completing this threshold your money will be paid directly to your bank account.

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How Reels Play Bonus Works

  • In the Instagram play bonus, you can add a maximum of 150 reels to your account. You will see on the right side the number of reels.
  • You will see your bonus amount is $300 in your account. After completing this threshold, the next time you may get a $1000 threshold limit.
  • If you can not complete this given threshold in the last 30 days then what will you do? If you can’t complete this so you can complete it in two or three months also.
  • It will be transferred to your next month’s threshold amount and you can get paid on that month.

How to Set Up Payout Option in Instagram Reels Bonus

Simply you have to click on payout account. You will get a new interface. Now you have to fill these information:

  • In the business type, you have to select the Individual option.
  • In the next you will see owner info, simply fill in all the information to be asked by them.
  • Now you will see the payout option. In this option, you have to link your bank account to your Instagram play bonus. Just fill in your bank information.

These are the steps to set up a reels bonus on Instagram. With these steps, you can easily set up your reels play bonus and get paid from Instagram.

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Instagram Reels Play Bonus Not Showing

Recently Instagram launched reels play bonus for Instagram users to earn money by publishing reels post on their accounts. Most of the users are earning from this feature.

But some Instagram users are not getting the option of a reel play bonus on their account.

This feature was only available in the USA, but it is recently launched in India.

If your Instagram Reels Play Bonus not showing in your account then what should you do now?

As you know this feature is recently launched, and it will take time to give this option to all eligible users of Instagram. So if you are eligible you will also get this feature soon.

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So these are all the queries related to Instagram Reels Bonus. So if you want to get this feature make sure that you are eligible for this.

The most important thing is your profile must professional account not a personal one.

If you can’t find this option in your Instagram professional account you have to be patient. Because it will soon be available for all eligible users.

So just follow all these steps and earn money through Instagram Play Reels. Make sure you are not breaching the terms and conditions of Instagram Policies.

If you are found that you are breaching these policies you will not receive any bonuses from the Instagram Play bonus.

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