4 Ways To Use Instagram Live Feature For Business Marketing

Hello guys, do you want to know how we can use Instagram live feature for your business marketing then just read all information below to know that easily.


Among several features of the Instagram app, the live feature is one of them. And same as the other features Instagram live is also a feature that you can use for marketing your business.

Like other live stream platforms, Instagram gives this feature where you can go live and interact with your followers.

Hence it’s an excellent tool for marketing your business and even for your personal branding in front of your followers.

But most of the time people don’t have any idea how to use this feature in the best way possible. And thus they just like never use it and if you face this problem too then this blog is for you.

In this blog, I’ll show you 4 ways that you can use the Instagram live feature for business marketing.

How to Use Instagram Live and Its Features Easily

Before showing you the 4 ways to use Instagram live feature let’s first see how to use Instagram live and its features in brief.

To use Instagram live you have to first click the plus button on the home page and then click the live option.

Now you can click the live button in the middle and the live video will start. You also have the option to first start for practice and then send notifications to followers.

For that, you just have to click an eye icon on the left side and then click practice and set audience. You can also add the title to your video and add brand partners by clicking on the top icon on the left side.

There is also the option to schedule your live session. You have to click the middle icon on the left side add the video title, add the date and time and click schedule live video.

You can also share it with a post where a user can end reminders and they will get notified 15 minutes before the video starts.

While you start you can invite others to join the video and create a live room.

So you can see the Instagram live feature is easy to use effective and with tons of features that can help you in marketing in many ways.

Instagram Live Feature For Business Marketing

1. Product Launch

 And one of which is a product launch whenever you launch a product you want to promote it as fast as possible explain its benefits and pitch it to the audience to buy one.

And you can do this all quickly with the help of the Instagram live feature.

The best thing about the live feature is that a viewer will get a notification when you start a live video which helps you to get more followers to join in the live session.

To start a live session for a new product launch you can schedule the live session with the title of your new product.

In this live session, you will be able to explain to the viewer what exactly the new product is how it is better than other products, and the competition.

The benefits of the products are the cost of the product the viewers can also send their message in the live video which will give you an idea of how your audience reacts to your new product.

2. QnA Sessions

 Like product launch, the other way you can use Instagram live is by doing a QnA session with your followers.

The method is good for business and personal branding also. Whenever someone follows you they’re interested in your content or product.

The QnA session gives a chance to your followers to interact with you directly which they may not get in general.

Here you can take questions your followers asked regarding your product they may even have suggestions which they want to give when you react to all their questions they’ll feel more connected to you and the brand.

Which can make a person a loyal customer. It also shows that you really care about your follower’s opinions. Hence a QnA session could turn out to be one of the best ways to use the Instagram live feature.

3. Behind the Scenes

 Another great method to use Instagram is to show it behind the scenes.

Every person who follows you knows your products or services but they may not know how the work takes place.

By adding behind the scenes you show your followers what you can do in the early stage by adding behind the scenes.

If you have any products you can show how you make them you can give your Instagram followers an online tour of your manufacturing plant.

Show them how excellently you make the product if your product is a food product you can show how you create the dishes with good hygiene care.

Who will not be interested in ordering tasty hygienic food it will increase the trust of the audience and will show transparency of your brand in that you don’t hide anything from your customers.

4. Interviewing

The last one but one of the most effective ways to use Instagram live is taking an interview of a relevant person to your business.

Interviewing a person who’s an expert in a niche can create a powerful impact.

For example, suppose you are a digital marketing institute in that case you can interview a digital marketing person with a subject career in digital marketing and promote your courses alongside.

It educates your audience and makes them more interested in the product and when you educate them through an expert its impact doubles which increases trust and pushes your audience towards your product.

If you are interviewing a person with a significant number of followers you even get more reach and an expert can even join in the live chat.

So these are the 4 ways of marketing through the Instagram live feature. If you think there are other methods you can use for marketing through Instagram live don’t hesitate to comment down below.

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