How To Make Money Online Without Investment

Hey, what’s up, guys? In this blog, I am going to present to you how to make money online without any investment.

We have divided this blog into two parts.

  • 5 Best Online Micro Jobs to Make Money in 2022
  • 3 Best Passive Income Ideas for 2022.

First, we will see the 5 Best Online Micro Jobs websites that pay you for completing micro tasks like completing surveys, entering data, or reading emails.


5 Best Online Micro Jobs to Make Money in 2022 without any investment.

Those micro jobs are perfect for people, who would like to earn some extra cash on the side. They require little to no skills.

They can be completed really, really fast and on top of this, you can earn money with them while staying completely at home.

5 best online micro jobs to make money without investment

1. Make Money Online by

Clickworker is probably one of the most popular and well-known platforms dedicated to data entry jobs and micro-tasks, you can complete online.

According to their homepage, clickworker works with a crowd of 3.6 million users based in 136 countries worldwide, that work online, and perform various micro-tasks on a freelance basis and according to their own schedule.

If you know, for example, how to correct texts, how to complete surveys or how to search and collect data, you can become a member of and start working independently according to your own individual and flexible schedule.

All you’re going to need is your computer or any other device with an internet connection and you can start making money online as a clickworker.

How much money you are going to make online at the end of the day, depends mainly on the number of available tasks at the moment and on your qualification.

Note, that some tasks might be available only for specific groups, for example, native speakers or experts with special fields of knowledge.

Once you have passed the minimum payout threshold of 10 dollars, you can ask for a payout. Users can get paid either via PayPal, Payoneer, or SEPA transactions.

2. Make Money Online by

So the next micro jobs website to make money online without any investment is

Picoworkers is an online marketplace, where entrepreneurs can hire freelancers to perform certain tasks for them like for example, taking online surveys, writing reviews, testing various apps, or writing articles.

According to the homepage of picoworkers, the gigs are easy to do and they require little time to get finished.

Completed gigs go through a review process and right after that freelancers get credited for their finished work.

If they wish, they can get paid in cryptocurrencies.

Freelancers, who are interested in a collaboration, can register on by clicking on the signup button in the top right corner of the homepage and by entering their name, email address, password, and username.

All they need to do, if they want to sign up on picoworkers, is to select their country of residency, confirm, that they’re looking for work, and agree to terms of service.

You can also check out the latest earnings, freelancers have been credited for completing certain tasks, and on the right-hand side, also the most recent withdrawals.

Note, however, that freelancers on picoworkers, must maintain a success rate of above 75% at all times if they want to stay qualified for new job offers.

Falling below a success rate of 75% prevents a freelancer from getting gig offers for the next 30 days.

3. Make Money Online by

The next micro job website is to make money online in 2022 without investment.

Taskrabbit is a platform, that connects “busy people in need of help” with people, who can lend a hand and offer their help in different tasks like moving boxes, cleaning the household, or performing various delivery services.

Payments range from a few bucks to even over a hundred dollars per completed task.

Also, keep in mind that most of the tasks offered on TaskRabbit, need to be completed physically in real life, and not online.

For example, you can make money online by offering your services as shopping assistance and charge on average 30 dollars per hour for going shopping for your customer.

Or you can give a hand, help people move, and charge 41 dollars per hour of work.

If you want to get started as a tasker on, simply follow these steps:

  • Create a new account
  • Download the TaskRabbit app
  • Select the services you can offer
  • Confirm your identity
  • Set your schedule and work and start getting jobs.

Note, that all new members have to pay an extra registration fee of 25 dollars in applicable cities if they want to offer their services on

4. Make Money Online

Now the next website to make money online is in 2022.

This is a website, especially for those, who would like to make some extra bucks on the side as freelancers, but are struggling to get enough job offers at the same time because of the overwhelming competition starting freelancers have to face on big freelancing services such as Fiverr or

Aspiring freelancers can offer their services in various fields, such as writing & translation, graphic designing, or video editing, for instance, on without the hassle of competing against millions over millions of co-competitors.

Applicants can sign up on, if they want to become freelancers, either via their Facebook account or with their email.

5. Make Money Online by

Rapidworkers offers loads of various micro tasks and small online jobs to make money that requires little to almost zero skills.

For example: watching videos on YouTube and subscribing to YouTube channels, signing up on websites, or reading emails.

The salaries of rapidworkers are on a relatively low level, but since most of the micro tasks here can be completed literally with one single click of your mouse, they can add up pretty, pretty fast.

Also, there is always the option to complete the same micro task multiple times. Which can turn out to be quite boring, but at the same time pretty effective and profitable.

Note, that the minimum payout threshold is 8 dollars and that users can get paid only via PayPal.

So, if PayPal is not allowed in your country, you will, unfortunately, not be able to make money online on this website.

Also, keep in mind that it is not allowed to sign up on rapid workers multiple times under the same IP address along with completing tasks that are not available in your country.

Violating any of these rules will eventually result in getting your account and also your IP address being banned permanently.

So these are the 5 best micro job websites to make money online without any investment.

Now let’s start the second part of this blog post which is the 3 best passive income ideas to make money online in 2022.

3 Best Passive Income Ideas for 2022

How to make money online passively in the easiest and most effective way possible in 2022.

So before we go over the 3 best methods how to make money online in 2022 from scratch let me first give you an idea of what passive income actually means.

Passive income is in fact the opposite of active income.

If you earn money passively you initially invest a specific amount of time or money in your automated online business work upfront to establish it and eventually earn money passively from your automation business.

First, if you want to succeed and achieve the financial freedom you have dreamed of.

Once you have managed to make four or five or even more figures a month with your multiple passive income streams and achieving that is no rocket science.

You will be looking back saying I regret nothing and if I could turn back time.

I would have done exactly the same just a bit better this time because guys making passive income online has never been as easy as in 2022.

Believe me on that so let me show you some example methods of how you can make money online without any investment from scratch and with little effort.

1. How to Videos on YouTube

The first methods are the so-called teaching or how-to channels on YouTube.

The idea behind this concept is to create establish and finally make money with your own YouTube channel by putting highly profitable ads and simple short tutorial videos.

In which you will teach your viewers something specific depending on your niche of course.

If you’re skilled in something and anything just grab your phone or use a free-to-use screen recording software and make such a tutorial video yourselves.

For that method here you don’t even need to record your face.

There’s nothing that stops you from making such a video yourselves and starts earning money online by placing ads or promoting highly profitable products in it.

2. Sell Your Digital Artwork

The second method I want to show you is selling digital artwork.

let’s say you have designing skills you’re creative and you like to create nice-looking designs you can actually benefit and make a profit from your talent and yeah make money with it by selling your artwork on digital marketplaces.

Such as for example was merged with amazon, redbubble, teespring, or

And each time someone buys a product from those marketplaces be it digital or physical with your design on it of course you get paid for that sale as well.

If you don’t want to design graphics you can also grab your camera or phone and make high-quality beautiful photos or record short clips and sell those on stock footage websites such as adobe stock, Shutterstock, or

And each time someone buys one of your photos or video clips on those websites you make money online for that purchase as well.

And the best thing here is you can actually double or even multiply your earnings from that method easily by simply uploading your digital artwork.

Not on one marketplace only but on multiple stock footage websites at the same time.

3. Promote Affiliate Products on YouTube Shorts

Another very popular but also highly profitable way you can make money online without any investment still in 2022 is to upload short review videos on YouTube.

And to earn commissions from products you promoted in your content via affiliate links. You can for example upload short compilation videos on your channel let’s say from the fitness niche.

Write a nice short script record your voice over and promote a specific product from the fitness or weight loss niche in your video.

And all of that without showing your face or actually making those videos.

And each time someone purchases a product via the referral link you placed in the description box of your video. You earn a commission for that.


So these are the best ways to make money online without any investment in 2022. In this blog, firstly we discussed how to make money with the 5 best micro jobs websites in 2022.

After that, we discussed the 3 best passive income ideas to make money online without any investment.

So just follow these amazing methods and make lots of money online and fulfill your dreams. I hope you enjoyed reading these methods.

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