How to Make Money Online For Beginners – 6 Best Ways

Are you looking for the best way in 2022 to make money online for beginners? In this blog, we will see the 6 best ways to make money online.

6 Ways to Make Money Online For Beginners

Hello friends, In this blog, we will be showing you six different earning methods, that will allow you to make some decent money on the side in 2022.

All of that completely from home and without investing in any equipment.

The greatest aspect of these methods is, is that you can earn money with them without having any special skills and any experience in online marketing.

Each one of the methods, I am about to break down for you in this blog, is super beginner-friendly and can be done in any country around the world.

1: Print on Demand

Now, starting with the first method on our list to make money online as beginners, what exactly is “print on demand”? How does it work and how will you be earning money with it?

Well, print on demand is commonly known as “t-shirt business” or “selling merch online”.

You upload your designs on various print-on-demand services such as merch by amazon, redbubble, or Etsy and start making money online.

Now you put that design on t-shirts and on other merch, like clothes, mugs, or pillows, depending on what kind of products are available.

You set a price for the product, and each time somebody orders a product with your design on it from one of these online stores, you will get paid a royalty from that sale.

How to Promote your Products

Now, the greatest aspect of this business model is, is that you don’t need to take care of things like an advertisement, customer support, or shipping because these print-on-demand services will handle all of these things for you.

All you need to do is to provide the online store of your choice with as many cool-looking and eye-catchy graphic designs as possible, upload them and that’s it.

How to design your products

Speaking of looks, Most people falsely assume, you need to have special skills in graphic design to create top-selling t-shirt designs to make decent money online without any investment.

As you know, a good percentage of graphic t-shirt designs on Amazon, for example, are simple text designs, that can be created literally by anyone, with a few clicks.

All you need to get started in print on demand as a beginner is your account on a free online designing tool like Canva, for instance.

Tools like Canva will allow you to create beautiful graphic designs with a few clicks, for free, and with little to almost zero effort.

2: Make Money Online with CPA Marketing

CPA marketing is one of the most beginner-friendly ways how to make money online as a teenager.

It stands for “cost per action”, which means you don’t need to sell or promote any products.

If you want to make money online with this business model because as a CPA marketer you will be getting paid for each action, your referrals perform within your CPA offer.

These actions can differ. Sometimes it will be required from your referrals to submit an email address, sometimes to fill in a registration form.

Sometimes to download an app and in some cases, you will be getting paid for each referral, who clicks on your promotional link.

You will be making rather small sums per each CPA offer.

However, these sums can add up pretty, pretty fast once you have found your targeted audience online.

You can maximize the earnings, you will be making with CPA marketing, by signing up for free on multiple CPA marketplaces such as CPAbuild, CPAgrip, CPAlead, or Warrior plus.

3: Creating, Minting, and Flipping NFTs

Now, our next method to make money online is for beginners as you probably already have heard of the idea of making money by flipping NFTs on NFT marketplaces such as Opensea or Rarible.

You can, for example, buy an NFT you consider having potential, wait for its value to rise and once its value has reached its peak, sell that NFT for a good price.

Now, if you don’t have any ETH to spend on trading NFTs, you can also start completely for free by creating your own NFTs and modeling hot trending ideas.

For example. Creating pixel art NFT is super simple. It can be done by anyone with an internet connection and a few seconds of free time.

And as you know, each one of these pixelated NFTs here is worth from 0.03 to 0.05 ETH, which is equivalent to 100 to 150 dollars, right now.

4: Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

Old, but gold. Many beginners in the make money online community believe, that the best time for affiliate marketing has already passed.

However, this is far from being true.

You can still make tons of money online by promoting products from affiliate marketplaces such as Clickbank, digistore24, or amazon associates, even in 2022.

All you need to succeed in affiliate marketing, even as a beginner, who has absolutely no experience at all in promoting products online, is one or even better a couple of powerful sources of traffic – paid or free.

Affiliate marketing is a numbers game. The more people you reach with your referral link, the more money you will be making at the end of the day.

If you can’t afford paid traffic, for example from ads on Facebook, Google, or Instagram, you can always start for free on social media platforms such as YouTube or Pinterest.

And use creative commons licensed videos or pins to promote your affiliate campaigns to millions of people from all over the world, completely free of charge.

5: YouTube Automation

Now to make money for beginners this one is a real gemstone amongst online business models.

You probably already have thought about making money on YouTube, for example by becoming a famous YouTuber, Vlogger, or Influencer.

But did you know, that you can start your own business on YouTube without showing your face at all in your videos?

If you set this method upright, you will not even have to create any videos yourself and you still will be able to make thousands over thousands of money online from ad revenue on YouTube.

This business model is called YouTube Automation and it is the rising star in the world of making money online, right now.

How YouTube Automation Works

YouTube Automation means, you publish so-called faceless videos on your YouTube channel, or you hire freelancers to do that for you.

All you need for that, is a script, a voiceover, some free stock footage, or, even better, screen recording, and that’s it. No camera. No face.

Now, you can start with YouTube Automation for free and create faceless videos for your YouTube channel yourself.

Write the script yourself, record your own voiceover, record scenes yourself, and so and so forth.

However, my recommendation for you would be to outsource each of these steps as soon as you can and hire freelancers to do the work for you.

So that you can focus on other businesses or, even better, reinvest in more automated channels.

6: Make Money Online with Freelancing

Now, if you don’t want to start your own YouTube Automation business, you can as well earn some decent money by offering your services as a freelancer to someone, who is in the YouTube Automation business.

Beginners can sell their services as freelancing scriptwriters, voiceover artists, or video editors and make money online.

For example, and get hired by entrepreneurs through websites such as Fiverr, Upwork, or, for instance.

You will need to have at least a bit of experience in writing scripts for YouTube videos or in editing to edit video clips properly for your customer.

Jobs like recording voiceovers or translating texts into another language, on the other hand, are jobs, that require very little to almost zero skills and can be done by almost anyone.

Plus: freelancing services such as Fiverr, for example, give freelancers from all around the world the chance to make money online also with various data entry, transcribing, or typing jobs, just to name a few.

These kinds of jobs require almost zero skills in anything.

They can be done completely from the comfort of your own home.

How to do Freelancing

All you need is your free account on Fiverr, your computer with access to the internet, a catchy job title with an eye-catchy thumbnail and you can get started right away.

To attract more potential customers and as a result to get hired by them more often I would recommend you run a low-price strategy within your first weeks on Fiverr.

So that you can undercharge your competition and convince a good amount of potential clients to hire you instead of your competitor.


So, the 6 of the best ways to make money online for beginners in 2022, are Print on demand, CPA marketing, flipping or creating NFTs, affiliate marketing, YouTube Automation, and Freelancing.

Keep in mind that any of these earning methods can turn from a side hustle to a full-income business, at any time, depending on the amount of time or energy you invest into your side hustle.

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