10 Effective Ways To Increase Likes On YouTube

If are you looking for the best and easy way to increase likes on your YouTube videos then welcome to our blog post.

In this blog, you will see the 10 most effective ways to increase likes on YouTube Videos easily.


For content creators, the good news is that people watch almost 5 billion videos on YouTube every day. But the sad news is that not every video gets good engagement.

Getting good engagement is essential to growing your channel and that’s why some people buy views and likes.

People are buying YouTube views in the hope of fooling YouTube’s algorithms or convincing people that many others have watched their video.

So they should do too but YouTube algorithms are getting better day by day. And in the upcoming days, YouTube will start filtering out paid likes or views.

Hence if you want to get the good engagement you should focus on the quality of content and increasing engagements organically.

So here today I am going to help you with how to increase likes on your YouTube video. It might sound like a trap but trust me I will tell you how to boost likes on YouTube organically.

How To Increase Likes On YouTube

There are many advantages to having more likes. When the number of likes is good then you get more viewers.

Usually, viewers prefer content that has a good number of likes. Hence if your videos have a ton of youtube likes people will naturally flock to watch them.

A good number of likes help you to stand out against the crowd when you get more likes than your competitor people will see your authority on your topic.

When your content gets more likes then it helps in building trust. Content with lots of likes gives YouTube’s algorithm a sense of quality.

It also helps you to increase the subscribers. Now you may be thinking come to the point yes don’t panic I’m already on the topic.

So here I’m going to reveal some tactics to increase likes on YouTube content.

1. Create Unique Content:

We are in the era of viral content. The viral content can make anyone a star in a night. But it does not mean that the importance of good content has not been lost.

No algorithm can discard the great content. Content has always been the king. If you create good content people will attract to your videos and likes your youtube videos easily.

2. Create Eye-Catchy Title:

The digital world is all about quick attention. Your content should grasp the audience’s attention within a second but on YouTube, you cannot reveal your story in a second.

Now the question is how you can get attention quickly.

The answer is simple while writing your video title you should keep two things in mind first your title should be catchy and second the title should be keyword friendly.

3. Write Keyword Detail Description:

YouTube video description is where you can explain details about your video. But the report should not be very lengthy. It should remain between three to eight lines only.

Writing a description is itself an art. The description should contain video details as well as the right keywords.

The keywords noted in the description help YouTube’s algorithm as well as the audience. The description should be well optimized just like any other online content.

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4. Design an Exceptional Thumbnail:

A thumbnail is the second thing after the title that people notice. Sometimes a thumbnail is the first thing people see.

Hence the thumbnail should be creative enough to get a click. The main goal of designing a thumbnail should be getting a click.

Still, you should remember that the thumbnail represents your video content relevant to the video. So that your youtube videos will get more likes easily.

5. Upload Subtitles:

It may sound weird to you that uploading a transcript can enhance your YouTube ranking but trust me now it is a proven fact.

YouTube transcript can help you to get a good order because a transcripted video becomes more accessible and understandable for different types of audiences like those who cannot hear properly or who are from other regions. It will increase the likes and subscribers of your youtube videos effectively.

6. Follow the Trend:

The digital space is for two types of people first people who set the trend second people who know how to follow the trend.

Yes, millions of people are earning through creating content on viral trends. It is human nature that whenever we see something new we try to know everything about that.

In the same way, whenever people see any new viral trend this search for everything related.

If you create content around trends your content will quickly reach a wider audience and that will help you get your video more likes on youtube.

7. Add Hashtags:

Just like other social media channels, hashtags make your video more searchable.

You can add hashtags to your video titles and description.

If there are no hashtags in your title YouTube will take the first three hashtags in the description and display them before the title. You can include up to 15 hashtags in your video description.

8. Interact With Your Audience:

If you ask your audience to engage with your content you should do the same. Keep an eye on viewers’ comments reply quickly to any issues and join conversations.

Interacting with your viewers or audiences gives them trust, and loyalty to your youtube channel and they will give likes and also subscribe to your youtube channel.

9. Promote Videos on Other Platforms:

You should promote your YouTube videos on other online platforms as well video content performs very well.

On social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. So use those channels to cross-promote your videos and get more likes on youtube, views, and channel subscribers.

10. Use End Screens:

End screens serve as a significant function of doing something or everything at the end of the video.

It’s a chance to provide viewers who enjoyed the video with all the relevant information about your channel playlist recommended videos etc.

So these are the points which you need to keep in mind to get more likes these small tricks and techniques will definitely give you excellent results.

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