How To Get 1000 Subscribers On YouTube – 5 Solid Ways

Do you want to get 1000 subscribers on youtube but don’t know how? In this blog post, we will explain to get your first 1k YouTube Subscribers.


Did you know out of 37 million YouTube channels there are 20 million YouTube channels with subscribers between 10 to 1000? If you are the one struggling here you are not the only one.

In fact, there are a lot of people like you. But why do so many YouTube channels have so few subscribers well there could be three reasons for it.

either they are the ones who just started their YouTube channel or ones who started way back but are not active or else they started sometime before.

Are also active but struggling to get subscribers and this Blog is for the one who is struggling to cross the 1000 subscribers count on YouTube.

In this blog, we will explain to you how to get your first 1000 subscribers on YouTube.

This blog will inform you about-

  • The importance of video optimization in gaining subscribers
  • Asking out viewers for subscribing
  • Promoting the video to other platforms
  • Video quality and consistency.

Getting your first 1000 subscribers on YouTube is the most difficult if compared with getting subscribers after that.

The reason behind that is that subscribers count works as an authority on YouTube.

Thus the channel with higher subscribers tends to outperform others.

However, every big channel was once a channel below 1000 subs and they made it to millions so you can do that too.

And here are the five tips for you.

1. Optimize YouTube Videos and Channel

The first one is to optimize your video and channel for search engines.

A YouTube channel with less than 1000 subscribers has close to no chance of getting recommended on YouTube’s home page.

But there is one place where a small YouTuber can make his presence and that places YouTube search results.

If you didn’t know, then know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after google.

So there is a humongous amount of people searching on YouTube and more search is equal to more opportunities for videos to appear on the result page.

And to make your video appear there what you need to focus is on YouTube SEO. Yes, but what does YouTube SEO mean?

SEO stands for search engine optimization defined as a way to optimize your video so that it may appear on the search engine result page.

So as per YouTube SEO, you need to optimize a few things to make your video appear on YouTube.

YouTube SEO includes –

  • Title
  • Video tags
  • Channel tags
  • Video description
  • Channel description
  • Hashtags.

Here is a quick explanation of how you can optimize each element to get 1000 YouTube Subscribers.

Title: for a title you can use a keyword or key phrase in your title that viewers search for. You can use YouTube autocomplete for this.

Video description: you can add a detailed overview of the video with keywords and key phrases that people search for.

In the Channel description, you can add a detailed overview of the channel with keywords and key phrases defining your channel niche.

Channel tags: you can add 5 to 20 tags that are super relevant to your channel niche

Hashtags: you can add 2-3 most relevant hashtags for video including brand hashtags.

The more you will appear on the search result the higher the chances of discovering your channel eventually giving you more subscribers.

2. Ask your Viewers to Subscribe

Another thing you can do to get 1000 Subscribers on YouTube is ask your viewers to subscribe.

It’s the only way you probably are familiar with and you would have seen most of the YouTubers asking their viewers to subscribe to the channel.

Asking for a subscription works as a call to action or CTA which is the same as asking to follow on Instagram or asking to sign up for a newsletter on a blog.

And this is one of the most effective ways to remind the viewer to subscribe to your channel.

Without just asking you can also add graphics to your video also you can use your branding icon as subscribe button. Just add an image that has subscribe written on it.

3. Promote YouTube Videos on Social Media

The next thing you can do for 1000 YouTube subscribers is promote your videos on the social media platform. If there is any way to get more views on your video for free then it’s social media platforms.

Social media platforms can provide you with loads of views of your video.

Here are some ways you can bring traffic from some social media sites.

How to Get Traffic from Social Media Sites

  • Facebook allows you to share a link to your YouTube channel on Facebook. Hence you can share your YouTube links on your account Facebook page or any Facebook group.
  • On Twitter, you can tweet with a YouTube link in it. You can then pin the tweet so anyone who will view your profile can see the tweet first.
  • On Instagram, you don’t get to share the link as you do on Facebook and Twitter. However, you have an option to add a link to your Instagram bio.

So what you can do here is share an image promoting your video and inform the link of the video in your bio.

If you want to add links to multiple videos you can use services like link tree here. If your Instagram account has 10k plus followers then you will also get a swipe-up option on your stories.

Where you can add links to these giant social media platforms you can also promote your videos on messengers like WhatsApp and telegram.

You can directly paste a YouTube link on the WhatsApp group an individual WhatsApp account or even WhatsApp stories.

On telegram, you can share the link on groups and telegram channels if you create it. Another best way for promoting your video will be on quora which is a forum.

Quora gets a lot of views every day and it has an option to embed the video in the answers you provide.

So you can just answer some questions in your niche and embed a relevant video to the question. These all things can help you get lots of views with a high possibility of subscribing to the channel.

However, make sure to get subscribers the video and overall channel should be worth subscribing to.

4. Promote Your Videos on Your Website

The next thing you can do for 1000 Subscribers is promote your YouTube videos on your website. It is one way you can promote your video on your digital asset which is your website.

You can divert the significant amount of traffic that comes to your website to your YouTube channel.

you can do it in a few ways the most common way is embedding videos in the blog post which is relevant to the video.

Another way is to create a specific page on your website which will have the collection of all videos embedded in it as we did on our website.

To recommend a channel you can even add a link to your YouTube channel to your social links.

5. Publish Quality Videos Consistently

The next thing you can do is publish quality videos consistently. You can optimize videos for search engines you can ask the viewers to subscribe.

You can even promote your videos on social media and on your website. But all this is just going to work out only if you have one thing in your videos and that is quality.

Just remember you are a small YouTuber now hence you will get fewer views compared to the other big channels.

So it’s your responsibility to try to make the most viewers subscribe to a YouTube channel to gain 1000 Subscribers. And that is only possible with quality content.

Creating quality content is the content that a viewer loves.

If your YouTube channel is all about entertainment then making a video as entertaining as possible is quality content.

If it’s about education then giving information and value to the user is the actual quality content.

No matter which niche your YouTube channel is about you should have a good knowledge of your niche. Or else you may fail to create quality content.


You also have to understand what users want from a specific video and how it will help them.

Also, you need to keep in check the trending topic in your niche and with quality, there should be consistency in the video too. You should be posting videos regularly.

Making videos once in a while will not be the right thing so you should schedule your videos and be consistent with them.

So these are our 5 tips that will help you get to the first 1000 subscribers on YouTube.

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