12 Ways To Earn Money Online In India For Students

Do you want to know the best and easy ways to earn money online in India for students, then in this blog we will talk about 12 ways to earn money by spending no money.


The most common question that I get asked is how can I earn money online in India. And to be honest, there is no simple answer to this question because it really varies from person to person.

But what I know is that right now is one of the best times to start your own business and earn money online up to lakhs every month.

So, here are the 12 easiest ways to earn money online in India for students.

1. Earn Money Online With Theme Pages

Number one is starting your own Instagram or TikTok theme pages. So, theme pages are basically accounts that make many posts about a specific niche.

And the best part about these pages is that you don’t have to create your own content. But you have to find other people’s viral content and post it on your page. And your page can be for any niche.

It could be fitness, pet dogs, or making money. You can pick any niche where you can find a lot of viral content and which you will now post on your page.

The Instagram theme page market is saturated but you can make TikTok theme pages too.

I know that TikTok is banned in India, but by TikTok, I mean the competitor apps like Moj or Josh. Take any of these platforms and make your theme page.

And how do theme pages earn money? Simply by taking brand collaborations or selling your theme page to someone else.

2. Service-Based Agency

The second idea to earn money online in India for students is starting your own service-based agency. What you have to do is, you have to offer some service to your clients under your banner.

In this, you simply have to find a client who will pay you for a particular service. And this service, you can either do it yourself or you can find someone else to do it.

Most agencies find someone else to do that work. They pay them some token amount and the remaining money is their profit.

You can start service agencies for literally thousands of things.

If I give you some examples, thumbnail agency, Google ads agency, Facebook ads agency, content creation, design agency, email marketing agency, or any service which you think you are good at or you can find people, start that agency.

3. Earn Money Online With Content Repurposing

The biggest problem that maximum YouTubers face is creating short-form content.

They can either make new short-form content or from their existing long-form content, they can make short videos.

And this is exactly what you can help them with.

You can reach out to your favorite big YouTubers and you can tell them that from their long-form content, you’ll make short-form content that is relevant for platforms like Instagram, and TikTok.

You’ll make a short or reel and post it for them on their page.

You can do content repurposing for LinkedIn and Twitter too where from their long-form videos, you’ll create posts for Twitter and LinkedIn.

4. Web Development

So the next way to earn money online in India for students is through web development.

For all the small businesses, their biggest problem to go digital or online is that they can’t create websites.

And once again, there’s a gap over here. You can come into the picture and create websites for them.

And to build websites, you can either learn web development from scratch by learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript or use a platform like Wix and use the many already existing templates and create very beautiful websites for small businesses and brands.

5. Earn Money Online With Personal Mentorship

Education is an industry that never dies. It is an evergreen industry. Be it a recession or inflation or anything, people always spend money on education.

And you can benefit from this by starting your own personal mentorship business and making money.

In personal mentorship, you can basically mentor students preparing for competitive exams such as JEE, NEET, CLAT, or any other competitive exam in which you have taken and scored well and you now think you can mentor others.

And using personal mentorship, you can even earn money online in India more than 50,000 rupees per month.

6. Video Editing

The next big thing to earn money online in India for students is video editing.

In the past 2 decades, we have seen a shift from text content to image content and now, from image content to video content.

And almost every brand, content creator, or professional is looking for video editors who can edit videos as per their requirements.

And everyone’s requirement is different depending on their niche. In fact, I’ve hired 2-3 video editors for in the last 2-3 weeks for my videos.

So, video editing definitely has a lot of scope in the future and my next video will be on the same topic. How to learn video editing and earn money from it.

7. Earn Money Online With Notion Consultancy

Moving on, at number 7 to earn money online in India for students, we have notion consultancy. A notion is basically a productivity tool and a project management software.

That’s why a lot of small businesses and startups want to automate their operations and improve their internal management.

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A notion is fantastic software for this job. In fact, many people have started making their entire websites on Notion.

So, Notion as a skill is very much in demand. And that is why I think that you should learn how to use Notion, and how to create customized workspaces.

Then you can approach these brands and companies and create such workspaces for them and they will pay you for it.

8. Graphic Designing

If you want to see the demand for graphic designers, just go on Twitter or any other platform and simply search for graphic designing help and you will see.

So, if you are a creative person, and you think that you can create good graphic and visual designs, then this is an amazing opportunity for you, especially as there’s a boom in social media content.

And in the coming years, it’s going to increase. Through this, you can earn more money online in India for students without paying anything.

And the best part of graphic designing right now is you don’t have to use complicated software like Adobe, or Photoshop.

You can use websites like Canva where lakhs of templates are already available. You just have to use your creativity to modify those existing templates and create new graphic designs.

9. Earn Money Online With Airbnb

Number 9 to earn money online in India for students, we have Airbnb.

This, I think is one of the most underrated ways to make money in India, right now. If you live in your own house, and your house has one or two extra rooms.

Usually, a lot of people in India have a guest room that is empty most of the time.

So, you can list such rooms on websites like Airbnb you can actually make money from it.

Or if you really want to work like a true entrepreneur, you don’t need to own such a house or room.

You can search for properties that you can rent out, refurnish them, make them look good, and then further rent them out on Airbnb.

Without owning any property or real estate, you can make money as a student from Airbnb.

10. Content Writing

At number 10 to earn money online in India for students, we have content writing.

Most brands and companies fail to recognize the importance of engaging content in driving traffic to their websites.

If you think you are creative and good at writing articles or blogs, then you can reach out to these websites and companies, write articles for them, and help them generate more traffic.

Other than content writing, you can also work as a YouTube scriptwriter or you can work as a copywriter too.

These three are a little different even though I think the inherent skill is the same. Depending on your interest, you can work as any of these three.

11. Earn Money Online With Thumbnail Editing

Number 11, we have thumbnail editing to earn money online in India for students. As viewers, you don’t realize the importance of a video’s thumbnail.

Remember, if the packaging of the video is not good, people will never click on it, and never watch it.

According to me, thumbnail editing is less about design and more about your cleverness.

That how curious can you make your viewers through your thumbnail? So that they feel like clicking.

Usually, a thumbnail’s success is measured by its CTR, and Click through Rate.

Even if you bring a YouTuber’s CTR from 4 to 6%, it seems like only 2% points but this can create a huge impact on his viewership.

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For someone who might be getting 1 lakh views, his views will go up to 1.5 lakh views.

Obviously, this will increase the YouTuber’s revenue, they will definitely be interested in paying you more if you can design better thumbnails for them.

12. Drop Shipping

And finally, the 12th idea to earn money online in India for students is drop shipping.

And drop shipping basically means finding a good product, buying it in bulk, making your own e-commerce website, and promoting it.

Finding new buyers, and selling it to them for a slightly higher price than what you bought it at. Finally, the difference in your buying and selling price that is your profit.

Here, you aren’t developing your own product, you are selling an already-existing and fantastic product at a profit.

And this drop shipping business can be for any product, the most common is the T-shirt business.

T-shirts also have an interesting thing called print on demand in which you don’t have to buy the product in bulk.


So, these are the 12 best ways to earn money online in India for students. In these ways, you don’t have to pay anything from you.

If you have enough skills just go through them and earn money online without paying anything.

I hope you must have any of these skills, you can make money by side hustle as well.

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