What is Guerilla Marketing, Its Examples Benefits

Hello friends, in this blog we will talk about what is guerilla marketing, its types, examples, and ideas that you can’t miss.


When you hear of a brand advertisement what comes to your mind first?

The things that come to my mind are TV ads a big banner on the street and even YouTube ads. These ads are very effective and hence brands use them.

But there’s a brand marketing style used by brands that are highly effective but only a few people know about it.

Yes, I’m talking about Guerilla marketing. It is one of the best marketing tactics that only a few brands use.

But as a marketer or business, you should know about this method. Especially if you’re on a low budget.

Hi in this video we’ll explain to you what Guerilla marketing is its history benefits types and examples.

What is Guerilla Marketing?

Now, what is Guerilla marketing? Guerilla marketing is an unconventional method of advertising which aims to surprise its audience.

In simple words, Guerilla marketing is different from the conventional method of involving TV or other ads.

A Guerilla ad doesn’t actually look like an ad and amazes the audience to see the creativity behind it.

Looking at history the term was coined by jay Connard Levinson in his book Guerilla advertising in 1984.

Guerilla is inspired by Guerilla warfare a technique to surprise attack an opponent. In the case of marketing, a surprise attack is replaced by surprising your audience.

When Guerilla marketing came into the picture the world was flooding with TV and radio ads that were very annoying and were getting more ineffective day by day and you know very expensive.

On the other side, Guerilla marketing is effective fun amazing, and even cost-effective.

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Benefits of Guerilla Marketing

As you understood the definition in history let’s see the major benefits of Guerilla marketing and after that, we will see some examples.

1. Uniqueness:

The significant difference between Guerilla and other marketing tactics is that marketing in other ways is very obvious to the customers.

When you see a TV or a banner you already know what it will be and how it would be.

But when it comes to Guerilla the surprise elements and amount of creative marketing poured into it make the advertisement unique and grab the audience’s attention.

For other ads, it feels annoying and bombarded but for Guerilla marketing on the other hand it is loved by people.

2. go viral very quickly:

Another major benefit is that it can go viral very quickly. The most important component for your ad going viral is that your audience should like it.

It is a very difficult task for conventional advertisements which the audience doesn’t like in general.

However, we are in this era where even conventional ads are getting viral. In this situation, Guerilla marketing has an extra edge over conventional ones because they are more creative.

3. Cost Effective:

Another major benefit of Guerilla marketing is that it’s cost effective. One of the significant downsides of conventional ads is the huge expenses brands need to bear.

Just a 10-second slot on a TV commercial can cost you a huge amount of money.

On the other side, Guerilla marketing is very cost-effective and it can be used by small businesses that can’t have much capital to spend on marketing.

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Examples of Guerilla Marketing

After understanding the history and the benefits of Guerilla marketing now it’s time to check a few great examples of Guerilla marketing.

1. Frontline mall ad:

The first example is a frontline mall ad frontline a brand that sells fleas and ticks pray for pets showed excellent creativity.

What they did was they struck a poster on the ground floor of Jakarta mall Indonesia showing a dog itching.

The tagline of the banner was getting them off your dog.

You may not see anything special in this ad but let me tell you that it was a banner on the floor people were walking on it and if you see that from above you’ll see walking people as if they’re like a flea.

If you still don’t get how awesome it was just check out this picture. Isn’t it a genius guerilla marketing strategy?

2. Gold toe brief:

Gold toe a sock brand was launching its brief and it wanted to advertise its brief uniquely.

Hence they chose guerilla marketing Wall Street is one of the most famous locations globally situated in New York and one of the biggest public attractions is the Wall Street bull statue.

Gold toe took over the statue to promote the brief and guess what they did they made to wear a giant brief to the pool.

It amazed the public and went viral instantaneously which eventually helped the brand get awareness.

3. McDonald’s:

 When it comes to creative Guerillas McDonald’s is a champion of it. not once but McDonald’s keeps doing Guerilla as regularly one of the famous Guerilla ads is a crosswalk street fries.

McDonald’s drew McDonald’s fries on the street creating a street light in the coffee street and many more.

4. Kitkat:

The next is kit Kat after McDonald’s if there’s any other brand that uses Guerilla marketing regularly then it’s kit Kat.

Kit Kat has a tagline called to take a break and it uses Guerilla marketing aligning to this tagline.

For example in 2014 in Amsterdam kit Kat installed a billboard that gives the pedestrian challenge to sit on a billboard for a specific time to win a Google Nexus 7.

In 2016 kit Kat also installed 500 specially designed kit Kat breaker benches in various cities of the Philippines.

So these are a few genius Examples of Guerilla marketing campaigns that went viral and they were successful and people are still talking about them.

7 Guerilla Marketing Ideas

Pushing the envelope of creativity Guerilla marketing is catching marketers’ interest the term itself is as interesting as the technique is.

Now I’ll give you ideas to consider when designing a Guerilla marketing campaign.

1. Awestruck and surprising content:

At the core of any Guerilla marketing campaign lie surprise oh yes. If you succeed in making their mouth go wide open you got them.

That is why Guerilla marketing is considered a highly engaging tactic of marketing. For instance when domino’s filled the potholes off-road and repaired the road people were surprised.

They could not forget the image once doing something that can’t be unseen is at the heart of Guerilla marketing campaigns.

Biliberally a Chinese entertainment company put up about 1500 drones in the shanghai skies.

It was to celebrate the first anniversary of a Japanese video game launch in china. It even took the show up to a notch by introducing something no other drone show has done before.

The drones formed a giant scannable QR code in the sky prompting viewers to install the game by scanning the code on their smartphones. That indeed is surprising, isn’t it?

2. Do not aim to get viral:

This is a desire which can only be fulfilled with superb content and sprinkles of luck. So modify the question to how to create superb content instead of how to make my campaign go viral.

It generally dilutes the focus from content to unrewarding tactics. So leave it up to the consumers whether they want your campaign content to be viral or not.

It is their call as a brand you give your best shot while designing and implementing the campaign.

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 3. Refrain from stealing stale ideas:

It is specially mentioned stale ideas as it has become a cliché.

Everybody knows it and it does not gain the interest of the audience for a Guerilla marketing campaign to be successful you require content that has command over people’s attention.

4. Understand the audience’s interest:

 The vital thing for any brand is to understand that its own interest as a brand should be less than that of the audience’s interests.

This is the first condition to make a Guerilla marketing strategy successful.

To understand their interests take a dive to know where they hang out what’s important to them how they communicate with who they look up to and like.

Basically, try to get to know them it will help your brand launch a campaign that caters to and targets customers appropriately.

5. Build brand evangelism:

In the world of perfect competition admits too many sellers brand loyalty may not sustain but brand evangelism does.

It is when your customer believes so much in the product that they create a voluntary positive buzz.

While creating a Guerilla marketing campaign ponder on how such a component can be accommodated in it.

Think of how this campaign can get that emotional connection with customers that translate into brand evangelists.

If it’s shot right your campaign success will be directly proportional to the number of customers that turns into an evangelist for your brand.

For instance, a no-brand peter launched a fake store pretending to sell products made from human skin.

As a way of slamming products using animal skin. It can truly augment a brand loyal into an evangelist.

It asks the question of who are you wearing and offers an afterlife collection tagged as we turn your loved one’s skin into a handmade item for you to cherish.

6. Don’t just include punchlines:

In the trend of memes punch lines and dialogues are given high importance to make the copy catchy. Although while designing a campaign one should not deviate from the primary purpose.

Maybe getting sales increasing followers or spreading awareness this can be done by not failing to include a CTA which stands for the call to action.

It could be anything from buy now subscribers, email, or register here. In fact, it can be a mix of perks and CTA like coupons or discounts in exchange for information filling.

It creates urgency in the customer and prompts them to be active by nudging further action.

7. Ambush and shock:

 Always aim to keep the shock value of the marketing campaign intact. In order to surprise the target audience secrecy and shock cannot be held loose.

Till the last minute before launching the campaign ensure that there are no loopholes that might collapse the surprise element and ultimately the event itself.

Planning and execution are the essences of the strategy of ambush and shock which is an element of Guerilla marketing.

So these are some best guerilla marketing definitions, benefits, examples, and ideas of guerilla marketing to consider without missing them.

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