5 Most Common Digital Marketing Challenges

Are you facing big and difficult challenges while doing digital marketing, here are the 5 most common digital marketing challenges, and know how to overcome them.


The last two years made it clear that taking a business online is no more a choice.

Now almost even small business owners are trying hard to establish their company in this digital world.

But in this initial phase, the online space appears scary for them because of the fundamentals of digital marketing.

They’re very different hence as soon as they enter the online world they encounter some common issues like less staff less budget etc.

And the main challenge it missed all of these problems is the pressure to establish a solid online presence.

So today in this blog I will tell you how you can overcome the most common digital marketing challenges.

1. Budget:

A limited budget is the first challenge that small businesses face while marketing. Most small businesses have a limited digital marketing budget.

So they cannot run massive campaigns to spread the word. But there are a few ways to help marketers to overcome this challenge.

The very first way is word of mouth and the second is good SEO. And when I say the word of mouth I don’t mean that you need to collaborate with some big influencers.

You can easily use word-of-mouth marketing by sharing your audience reviews experiences etc. apart from this basic SEO can also help you build a strong business.

SEO is undoubtedly not an easy thing but until you can’t hire an SEO expert you can do it all by yourself.

2. Getting Organic Traffic:

Getting organic traffic is one of the big challenges while doing digital marketing. You can have a well-established business in your town.

Yet you struggle to earn even 100 followers on Instagram. Yes, that is the reality of the online world therefore the initial days of growing your online presence can be frustrating.

Well, there’s no such hack to become the voice of an online town in just 7 or 14 days.

But there are a few hacks that can help you increase expected growth.

Like you can work on the SEO part you can start posting more engaging and essential content you can also interact with your existing audience and ask them what they wish to get from your brand.

3. Competition with the giants in the digital world:

 Competing with the big brands itself is undoubtedly a challenging task and this competition increases as soon as you enter the digital marketing world.

Because now you’re not competing with the nearby shops but this doesn’t mean you can’t compete. You may be new online but you already have your customer base.

All you need to do is understand these customers and target them. When you solely target them then there are more chances that that customer will start trusting your brand more.

It will also show others how dedicated you are to your customers. Eventually, you will get more new customers who are interested in your sector.

You can also take inspiration from those brands excelling at digital marketing analyze their content and then just create something better.

And if your content is the best at explaining something the search engine will rank it higher. So keep creating better content than the competition big or small.

Search engines don’t often care about the status of the brand all they care about is how relevant and user-friendly your content is.

So always take a personal approach. Many big brands prefer automated processes from everything like from social media and email marketing to chat bottom.

At such time the art of personalization holds a unique place.

4. Not understanding if their marketing is working:

For their business, this is a common challenge in digital marketing apart from small business owners or newbies big brands also fail to analyze their strategies.

Small business owners who have just entered the online world can often understand whether the marketing strategy is working.

And when they fail to analyze the strategy they keep following the same strategy which causes a huge loss.

But you can overcome this challenge by using various data gathering tools like Google analytics.

Google Analytics data can help small business owners to know the small details like who is viewing the website. This is a free tool so you a small business owner need not worry about the budget.

5. Choosing the right social media platforms:

 An average web user currently uses five different social media platforms. So choosing the right social media platforms to target the audience becomes quite confusing in digital marketing.

But every marketer should remember first things first.

Now what are your first things first you might say Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram well, of course, these are the most prominent social media platforms in terms of user numbers.

But that doesn’t mean you should put all the resources into all of them at once. The key to determining which social media platforms are right for you is viewing your social media marketing goals.

For example, Facebook is the biggest social media network globally but the site’s primary purpose is to build brand loyalty and recognition when it comes to Facebook.

Facebook is an excellent platform for informational posts new pictures and social sharing campaigns. While Twitter is fantastic for quick updates and new product promotions.

Instagram is perfect for photo sharing updates and advertising.

So those were the five most common digital marketing challenges that small businesses face.

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