What is Difference between Sales and Marketing

Are you confused between sales and marketing and want to understand what is the difference between them? So in this blog, I am going to differentiate between sales and marketing properly.


The sales and marketing departments are crucial to the brand’s success.

But many of us consider this department as the same which is not true.

Though they both are interconnected they still have significant differences. So let’s get into all these differences.

What is Marketing?

To understand the difference between marketing and sales first we need to understand what they are. So first let’s understand what marketing is.

Marketing is more about brand awareness and brand consideration. With the help of marketing methods, the brand introduces its product to the target audience.

Marketing is essential from the start it helps a company find a target audience and what they actually need. It decides how and through which method we will reach our audience.

Types of Marketing

Currently, marketing is divided into two ways digital marketing and offline marketing.

Let’s see what Digital marketing consists of.

  • The first is online ads you may have seen online ads like ads on search engines display ads on websites and many other platforms.
  • Another is marketing through social media also known as social media marketing or SMM. This consists of social media ads and even organic social media postings.
  • With this, there are many other types like SEO that can help you rank on a search engine, email marketing, affiliate marketing which is commission-based marketing, influencer marketing which is marketing with the help of influencers, video marketing, and many more.

Offline Marketing

 When comes to offline marketing, it consists of radio ads, TV ads, banners and billboards and newspaper ads, etc.

What is Sales?

After marketing now let’s see what sales is. Sales are actually the last step in the buyer’s journey. This is the point where a lead becomes a customer.

But you may think here that a sale is just selling the product but let me tell you that sales are not just selling a product but actually involve many things like identifying the consumer’s needs preparing the presentations building a relationship with the customer etc.

Difference between Sales and Marketing

Now let’s see the difference one by one.

1. End goal:

  • The end goal of sales is to convince the customer to purchase the product. A sales department has a monthly or annual target to complete.
  • On the other side, the marketing team’s goal is to promote the product. Although there could be specific goals for promoting the product like increasing brand awareness brand consideration and even sales.

2. Tasks:

  • When it comes to tasks the task of a salesperson is to contact the lead build a relationship and convince them to buy.

On the other side, marketing tasks involve identifying the target audience doing market research running ad campaigns data analysis, and much more.

  • A salesperson often targets one lead but marketing involves targeting large groups or a very small much targeted group with a particular campaign.

3. Techniques:

  • Many techniques are used in sales the techniques used are providing offers giving free products and much more.
  • On the other side marketers provide you with techniques that involve providing coupon offers publishing targeted ads storytelling doing emotional appeal using color psychology and much more.

4. Skills:

  • To make sales the skills you require are excellent communication skills and the ability to convince your prospect.
  • A marketer needs skills like creativity analytical skills etc. with all this even the process of both is different.

Sales Process

 Between marketing and sales, let’s first see the sales process. Sales is a seven-step process that consists of prospecting, preparation, approach, presentation, objection, closing sales, and follow-up.

  • In prospection, a salesperson finds potential customers it is where they find people who need their product or service. Here marketing can help them find the lease here they will see which lead can be a customer and the product is affordable to the following need.
  • Once this is done the next is a preparation where a salesperson prepares how to approach the lead here is the place where you’ll do market research and create a strategy to approach.
  • Once this is done the next thing that comes is actually approaching the lead. It could occur in various ways like face-to-face meetings with the lead giving them a phone call or even just sending an email.
  • Once you start approaching the first thing that comes is the presentation of your product to the leads. Here a salesperson may explain the product’s benefits to the customer and explain why they should buy it.
  • Now it’s not that the viewer will be directly interested in purchasing the product. They may have some questions doubts etc. here the sales need to resolve the questions and doubts.
  • Once this is done the leads may purchase the product by making the payment in the time that they are convinced. Even if the salesperson sold the product everything does not end there.
  • The salesperson will follow up to sell the person something else or ask for a referral.

Marketing Process

The marketing process is totally different compared to sales it’s a five-step process consisting of research, segment, strategizing, implementation, and measure.

  • The marketing team needs to make various types of research, market research, competitor analysis, target audience identification, and much more. It massively helps the marketing team to do further planning.
  • Once done with research now they have an idea of the target audience competitors and goals. So to target the audience correctly you will do the segmentation which will target different audiences differently with varying marketing methods.
  • Then they will actually work on strategy create correct campaigns and implement the plan.
  • After that, the marketing team needs to track and analyze data to help them identify which campaign is working well and which is not.


So this is the difference between marketing and sales that are different from each other.

Marketing is the one who does all the work which helps the sales team to sell the product whether it’s generating leads whether it’s promotion or anything else.

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