6 Best Free Content Ideas Generator On The Internet

Are you looking for the best content ideas generator in 2022? Writing content on different topics is not easy. Because finding new content ideas is an overwhelming task.

But the six ways I’m going to show you is the solution to this problem. In today’s blog, I’ll not just introduce you to the six ways to get content ideas but also how you can use this method in the best way possible.

This way you don’t need to read any other blog after reading this.

So Let’s see the 6 best content ideas generator which helps you to create more content on your site.

1. Google:

The first way is the best and absolute goldmine of new content ideas. I’m talking about none other than Google itself.

Google can recommend so many ideas that you don’t need to go anywhere else. There are ways you can use Google to get ideas.

One of them is Google autocomplete. Now autocomplete is the same dropdown that you see when you type something on the Google search bar.

These autocomplete are the key phrase that users search for every search making it. The content ideas that you must write may have a good amount of traffic.

To show you this if I’ll just type SEO in the search bar you will see the key phrases which Google is recommended and I can write content on this.

Although if you are concerned about keyword search volume then just go to any free or paid keyword research tool and find it out.

The following way you can use Google is by checking the people and also our section. When you search for something on Google you’ll see the section which consists of questions related to what you search for.

These are the common questions that people search for.

For example, after I search SEO on Google most are the questions that appeared. hence these questions can be a creative content idea.

Another way you can use Google is the related search section these are also key phrases that people search for these appear below the search result so you can see Google is more than enough for content ideas.

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2. Quora:

However, if you still think you may need more other sources we have that too one of which is quora.

I guess you’ve already heard this name, it’s a very popular site where people either come to ask a question or answer other questions.

It’s the world’s number one q & a site. Hence people ask questions about almost every topic you just name it and you’ll get the topic in quora.

To use the site you can create an account and follow the topic you are already interested in. on your home page you will find all questions that users are asking about your topic you can also search for a topic in the search bar.

For example, I want to know about YouTube marketing so I’ll just type the query and in auto suggest I can see the topic YouTube marketing.

By clicking it I’ll see all questions on that topic below then all the spaces related to it similar to Facebook groups and even related topics in the right sidebar all this will give you tons of content ideas.

The best thing about these content ideas generator is that people search and ask about them

3. Answer the Public:

Like quora, you can also use another site known as answer the public. But compared to quora it’s pretty easier to get ideas here.

It’s actually a tool that finds what people search for on the internet. What you have to do here is just search for any topic for instance.

I’ll search for bitcoins and boom I receive tons of ideas on bitcoins. The unique thing here is the ideas are divided into different types of questions, prepositions, comparisons, etc.

And these types are again divided into subtypes like for questions they are divided into questions starting from why what how when etc. prepositions are divided into four can near to etc.

It makes it super easy to choose ideas another good thing is that you can download all this in a CSV format

4. Reddit:

The next way to use Reddit. Reddit is a place where you can follow communities that you like. There are tons of communities on Reddit on almost every topic.

First, you can search these and then join them. Now you see that the members of communities ask questions or issues they face on this platform.

In the SEO community, I joined I saw one user asking for a solution to the problem he faced with the site map in the search console.

Now that can be great content ideas like this you can also find unique ideas by joining communities on Reddit.

5. LinkedIn and Facebook Groups:

The next is LinkedIn and Facebook groups. LinkedIn and Facebook groups are the ones in which you can join and interact with users of similar interests.

Hence it is a great place to find content ideas as everyone shares things about a specific topic.

Although users may post tons of posts that can give you lots of ideas how can you find that the idea is worth creating content?

The best way is to check the interaction of the post. So if there is a post that gives great content ideas to you and has a significant interaction in the content the topic is worth writing content about.

6. Competitors:

And finally, it’s none other than your competitor. You should always keep an eye out for what your competitor is posting on your content page.

Specifically, the focus of content that they are ranking for. If it is a topic where you have never written content then write it now.

So these are the Top 6 Free Content Ideas Generator on the internet. Although these are not the only six ways you can use other methods like using keyword extensions like keywords everywhere then sites like buzzsumo, Google trends exploding topics, etc.

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