Top 6 Best Graphic Design Course for Free

Are you looking for the Best Free Graphic Design Course, then in this blog I am going to show you the best graphic design courses for free of cost.


As we have come to a digital era one of the most demanding skills in graphic designing.

Graphic designing is a creative skill used for a lot of different purposes. Whether it’s creating a logo or animation infographics creation and the list goes on.

And hence many in this world want to learn this but as we start learning the one thing which we should start with is the basics.

The best way to learn graphic design basics is with the help of courses. And the best thing is that many free courses will help you learn about traffic design.

6 Best Graphic Design Courses for Free

So we have come up with 6 courses which you can take for free to get this basic knowledge.

1. Graphic Design Course by

The first course is a graphic design course by

If you don’t know Alison is a hub of courses that provides learning on various topics and the best thing is that all of Alison’s courses are free to enroll in.

Hence this course is also free to learn these courses provide a detailed introduction to graphic design. Till now more than 96 000 students enrolled in this course.

The time you need to complete this course is one and a half hours to three hours as per your speed.

These courses consist of four modules 20 lessons and one assessment.

These courses contain:

  • The first module introduces you to graphic design that answers what graphic design is the design process and design elements.
  • The second module explains the history of graphic design which explains the industrial period international typographic styles and modernism.
  • The third module is about the graphic design process which explains design research design techniques and design draft.
  • The fourth module explains graphics design elements shapes color fonts composition layout and organizational system.

2. Graphic Design Course by Udemy

The second course is a world of graphic design on Udemy. Udemy platform does not require any introduction.

Udemy has one of the best courses for the free and paid world of graphic design is a free course created by mkcl India.

This is one of the best free graphic design courses on the platform with a rating of 4.3 stars created by more than 800 students.

Till now more than 10 000 students enrolled in this course. It’s a short and sweet one-hour course this course consists of only one section with nine lessons.

The course first explains what graphic design is they also explain the importance of forms shapes color, typography, images, and compositions.

In the end, it explains the applications of the course and provides a few graphic design tips.

3. Graphic Design Course by Great Learning

The third course is an intro to graphic design with Photoshop on great learning.

Great learning is another course platform that provides an introductory course on various subjects for free.

The course rating is 4.3 stars rated by more than 8 000 students.

Till now more than 1 lakh 70 000 students enrolled in this course and like udemy’s course, this is also short and sweet on our course.

The course consists of five lessons.

  • The first lesson is a basic introduction to graphic design.
  • The second lesson is to explain the courier parts in graphic design.
  • The third explains the fundamentals of graphic design.
  • The best part is the fourth lesson also provides an introduction to Photoshop which is an industry-level photo editing tool.
  • And in fifth, it explains how you can create thumbnails in Photoshop.

So this is a course that explains everything in short from fundamentals to career opportunities.

One added benefit of this course is that it provides you with a certificate of completion which you can show on your resume.

4. Graphic Design Course by Hubspot

The fourth course is the graphic design course learned the fundamentals of graphic design by Hubspot.

Hubspot is a content-generating platform that provides all the courses for free.

One of which is this course it’s a very short 44 minutes course consisting of 10 videos divided into three different chapters.

These three chapters are following

  • The first chapter will explain to you the fundamentals including imagery typography color theory and composition with tips on how to use them for business.
  • The second chapter is where you learn to create a brand style guide and will also learn how to create design goals for blogs, social media, etc.
  • In the third and the last section you will learn how to create graphics for blogs websites social media etc. it will also explain how you can repurpose stock images and templates.

5. Graphic Design Course by YouTube

The fifth course is a beginner’s guide to graphic design on YouTube. We often think about platforms like Udemy, Alison, and others when we say courses.

But we miss out on the biggest video-sharing platform like YouTube.

Yes, there are courses on YouTube too this course is created by the YouTube channel Gareth David studio.

This YouTube channel has created a playlist consisting of 46 videos the course talks about lots of things than just fundamentals.

The second video explains to you what graphic designing is then it explains elements like color lines and shapes.

It also explains other details like textures alignment contrast repetition etc. with examples.

With all this, it also answers questions like why to do graphic design and whether should you do graphic designing.

It also mentions the steps to be taken to be a graphic designer.

In addition, it also answers career-related questions like equipment required for a graphic designer required qualifications portfolio interview tips, and much more.

If you are the one who is seeking graphic design as a courier and not just want to learn graphic design fundamentals but also want answers to many of your career-related questions then it’s great to see all these videos.

6. Graphic Design Course by Canva

After these five courses, there is one bonus course for you and that’s canva graphic design basics course.

We all know canva is one of the best tools for a lot of things but many don’t know that canva also has a learn section that provides courses.

One of which is graphic design basics it’s a small course consisting of 12 videos one to two minutes long to check and these are 6 free courses.

So friends, that’s it. These are the 6 best graphic design courses for free. After enrolling in these free courses you don’t need to buy paid courses.

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