5 Best Fiverr Gigs to Make Money Online in 2022-23


Are you looking for the best Fiverr gigs to make money online in 2022 as a beginner? In this blog post, we will discuss with you 5 profitable gigs you can make money with on Fiverr.

Even if you are a complete beginner and you have no experience at all in how to earn money online as a freelancer.

The gigs I am about to introduce to you, require little to no skills, no professional expertise, and no fancy equipment.

I have ranked these Fiverr gigs from simplest to hardest, even though all of them can be classified as simple.

You don’t really need professional skills for completing any of these jobs.

5 Best Fiverr Gigs to Make Money Online

1. Website Testing

So, starting off with gig number one on our today’s list which is website testing.

Did you know that you can get paid for testing someone else’s freshly created website?

You will always find individuals and companies, who seek people who will test their website, blog, or app and check these in terms of usability, navigation, and on-page SEO.

Website testing jobs can be done really quickly, and what’s more important, they require only a minimum of skills.

You don’t really need any technical knowledge to do them and you don’t need to be an expert in web designing.

Since your only task will be to test any given website from the point of view of an ordinary user, and not of an IT specialist.

You will be asked to share your experience and to give your honest opinion about any given app or website and that’s all to it, basically.

Plus, completing these jobs will give you the chance to learn new things and adapt to new skills with every test on the way, for free.

And as a cherry on top: you can make a decent amount of money from completing them.

For example, starting from 5 dollars per website you review even up to sums like 50 or 80 dollars.

2. Proofreading Jobs

Now, all you need for that is an eye for common grammatical errors and errors in spelling or punctuation.

Proofreading jobs have become one of the most popular gigs on Fiverr recently, simply because they don’t really require any special skills.

You don’t even have to proofread your client’s text yourself, since there are a lot of free-to-use proofreading tools online, that will do the entire job for you.

However, these tools are not always 100% accurate, so in order to complete your gig with maximum success and, of course, to your client’s full satisfaction.

I would recommend not relying solely on one of these proofreading tools, but always double-check any text you have been given to proofread yourself or to use several of these tools and not only one.

There is always a high demand for proofreaders, simply people are publishing new content online every day, like eBooks, blogs, or articles.

These people need someone to edit their content and make it error-free in a short period of time.

How you make money with proofreading

Now, what about your earnings, how much can you make as a freelancing proofreader on Fiverr with these gigs?

Well, that depends mainly on the question of how fast you work and how many words you are able to proofread and correct.

The payments for proofreaders on Fiverr range from a couple of cents up to 1 dollar per every 100 words you proofread, meaning if you proofread, say, for example, a text of 5000 words, you can expect to earn up to 50 dollars for that.

However, as mentioned before, the faster you work and the more online proofreading tools you use to help you, the faster you will be able to complete your gig and as a result, accept and complete more of these jobs to earn more money.

You can easily make money as a beginner by offering your proofreading services in other languages than English.

You will find a lot less competition, if you, for instance, offer to proofread texts in Arabic, Hindu, or Spanish than in English.

Now, You will most likely get paid less per gig, but in the long run, you will be able to make a lot more money, simply because you will be getting hired more often due to a lack of competition.

3. Audio Transcribing

Now, among all Fiverr gigs, this is probably the easiest one. All you need for that type of freelancing job is to be an average fast typist.

“I will do French, English, and Arabic video and audio transcription” – You can expect to earn on average 20 dollars for transcribing 30 minutes long audio, videos, or podcasts.

Transcribing means, you listen to the audio or video that has been given to you by your client and you turn that spoken text into written text. And that’s all t it.

Now, for obvious reasons, you will be able to work a lot faster and thus earn a lot more money from transcription jobs, if you’re a fast typist and a native speaker.

However, there is a way how you can improve your typing skills in a short period of time for free.

Say for example you consider yourself a slow typist, to solve that go to websites such as typingtest.com to check and boost your typing skills completely free of charge.

There are no signup fees to pay, and no hidden costs to fear. You don’t have to register on this website to make money.

Simply approach any typing lesson you like from the list below and see how you perform.

As always, if you speak more than one language, make use of that, offer your services as a transcriptionist in various languages and that way double or even triple your earnings with very little effort.

4. Logo Designing

Now among the best gigs, the greatest aspect of making money as a freelancing logo designer on Fiverr is the fact, that it doesn’t require a huge skill set, despite what most people say.

You can use free designing tools like Canva or Kittl, just to name the most prominent ones, to create beautiful and attractive logo designs for your customers, and companies.

For example, entrepreneurs in the print-on-demand business, seek freelancers, who will design logos for them.

So that they can publish these designs on various print-on-demand marketplaces and get paid every time somebody purchases a product, for example, a t-shirt or a mug, with your design on it.

Naturally, you can always use your graphic designing skills to create logos for your own print-on-demand business, there are plenty of earning options you have.

Plus, there is really a lot of money you can make with these jobs. Logo designing gigs are one of the most selling and trending jobs on Fiverr.

People are willing to pay you really huge amounts of cash for this service.

Ranging from a couple of bucks to hundreds and even mind-blowing thousands of dollars per completed gig.

Tools like Canva, Kittl, or Wix will help you create beautiful logo designs within minutes.

Plus, you can always head over to YouTube and check out some tutorials about how to use these graphic designing tools even if you’re a complete beginner and if you have no experience whatsoever in graphic designing.

5. Translating Jobs

If you want to earn money really fast through Fiverr gigs, you can offer your services as a translator on Fiverr and simply translate texts from one language into another.

You will probably need to start low and run a low-price strategy to beat your competition and attract more customers, especially if you have just started on Fiverr and your gigs haven’t been ranked high yet.

The good news here is, the more customer reviews you get for completed translation jobs, the higher your gig will be ranked and as a result seen by more potential customers to hire you instead of your competitors.

As always: the more languages you speak, the more options you will have to turn your translation services into real cash.

Now, the trick here is, you can complete translation jobs a lot faster by using the help of online tools like deepl or Google translate.

Google Translate, for instance, will give you the opportunity to translate your text from English to Hindi, Spanish, and Turkish or basically into any language you like and vice versa.

Beware, though, as previously mentioned: these online tools can be of great help and will allow you to complete translation jobs a lot faster.


These are the 5 best Fiverr gigs to make money online in 2022-23 as a beginner.

However, they are not 100% accurate, so make sure you always double-check your translations, if you don’t want your work to get rejected by your client or get a negative review on your gig.

Also, make sure your gig has a high-quality thumbnail.

Having an eye-catchy thumbnail, will help you get hired more often and thus earn more money, especially here on Fiverr, where the competition is really fierce.

So you really need to stand out – not only with your service quality but also with your appearance.

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